How to tethering Raspberry Pi USB with Android

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Turn The Raspberry Pi Zero Into A Mini Dongle Computer

Version 2 of the dongle has been designed:

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One of the very cool features of the Pi Zero is it’s ability to tether itself directly to another computer through USB, enabling it to share network resources.

In this video I’m going to show you how to set this up, and how a simple, and cheap hardware modification can turn this $5 Pi into an even more useful USB dongle computer.


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NDIS Driver Links:

Windows Guide:
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FONA Setup 1: Raspberry Pi IoT: Adafruit FONA Initial Configuration

Adafruit FONA setup for your Raspberry Pi! In this video I show you how to setup your Adafruit FONA, and use it with your Raspberry Pi and a USB serial cable.

Helpful Links:

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How to use your ANDROID device as a monitor for RASPBERRY PI ( Music Removed – Copyright Claimed )

Hey guys, we are back with another video regarding Raspberry Pi and in this video, we have discussed on how to use your Android device as a monitor for Raspberry Pi. It’s pretty simple and I hope you will like it. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

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Raspberry Pi USB Tethering (using an Android phone)

More Information/Pictures:

Here I am showing how easy it is to tether your Android phone to a Raspberry Pi. You basically just plug it in and run “sudo dhclient usb0”. If you managed to get USB tethering working on a normal computer, it should just work on the Pi. If you have USB tethering working on an iPhone that should work too.

Thanks tapsboy for the suggestion.

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Raspberry Pi Zero – Sharing Internet over USB

Setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero to connect over OTG USB to a windows machine and share internet.

That’s right! A headless Raspberry Pi Zero with internet access, all through one cable.

read more about it at:

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