How to unlock GTA_San_ Andreas maps in android | (no root) easy | file in only 300kb

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Unlock Everything Instantly

This is a cool glitch in the game that opens all enterable buildings at the very beginning of the game. You will have to enter the Jetpack cheat when Tenpenny’s car stops and lets the train pass. If done correctly, the cutscene will not show Carl being pushed out of the car and you should be dead and invisible immediately after. After respawning at the hospital, all buildings, shops and in some cases bridges should be unlocked. Beware that you will still get a wanted level if you pass them without cheats, though.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!/en-gb/tid=CUSA03541_00

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GTA San Andreas Trick: Get To All Cities (PC)

Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas (PC)

How to get to all cities without messing around with save files and nerdy cracks.
This is a use-cheat-only trick to get around and explore the huge map.

Please note that while you are in restricted areas you can’t play around with police unless you wan’t to deal with 4 star wanted level.
This is for explore purpose only

AEZAKMI – Never Wanted
RIPAZHA – Flying Cars

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How to fly across the map and not get a Wanted Level (very beginning of the game) – GTA San Andreas

How to fly across the map and not get a Wanted Level (at the very beginning of the game) – GTA San Andreas – this will work on all platforms – and find the Mystery Item.

There are no tricks, no cheats, and no mods in this video…. this is completely legitimate… and it can be done on all platforms: PC, XBox, and PlayStation 2.

The Zones that trigger a 4-Star Wanted Level at the beginning of the game can be avoided very easily, just as long as you know where the boundary lines for the zones are… that way you can avoid getting a Wanted Level.

Here’s the map that shows the zones where you can trigger a 4-Star Wanted Level:
notice that Bayside Marina is not included in any zone.
(thanks to P.D.Escobar for the map)

There’s also a thin path where you can fly between Bayside Marina and Red County, and not get a Wanted Level… that’s what I did in this video.

NO CHEATS and no mods were used.
This is a completely legitimate game.
PC Version 1.0

The Saved Game of this video can be downloaded here:
This is for PC users only… you can load it up and play it on your PC.
The Mission Big Smoke has been passed:

There are no edits in this video… what you see is what actually happened.

Do you have v2.0?
Here’s a link for people with v2.0 to play v1.0 saved-games (made by Ryan):

Here’s a link for the Easy Script Switcher, to swap between v1.0 and v2.0 (made by rubregg):

Here are the details:
The video starts off as a brand new game… Carl is still in the alley that Tenpenny and Pulaski had just thrown him in; none of the Story Missions have been done yet.

I drove directly to Los Santos International and got into a Shamal… from there I flew around the outer edges of the Wanted Zone boundaries. I flew all the way to Bayside Marina and landed the plane… there I picked up the Silver Dildo/Vibrator (the Mystery Item) and returned to Los Santos.

Thanks for watching.

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GTA San Andreas – How To Unlock All Shops From The Beginning Tutorial

Copy or click this link for the 2017 version that features commentary :–9HQnvCI

This tutorial is a remake of my old version made in 2012.
In this video I will be showing you a tutorial showing you how to unlock all the shops in GTA SA at the start without progressing through the story line.

If you don’t want to watch the cut-scenes go to the time frame listed below:

Cheats are required:
Hesoyam – Gives the player £250k in order to buy the clothes
Rocketman – Gives the player a jet pack in order for the trick to work.

Those are PC cheats just simply type when the video tells you to, it should work for consoles also although you will need to find the code for the cheats and make sure it is the right one cheat that is in the video.

Good luck guys, like, comment and subscribe.

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How to go unlock city in gta San andreas on android

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