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Fortnite India Live || 2500+ wins || Grind Day #1

Chat Rules:
1: Respect everyone.
2: Don’t Abuse or Promote other channels.
3: Don’t Troll or Spam.
4. No Racism or Cruel Speech Allowed.

Enter the below given ID in-game (Fortnite) in order to support me. There’s nothing to lose by helping,
SUPPORT-A-CREATOR ID: MT_DEV (Expires in two weeks, make sure to re-enter to continue the support)


You can purchase the Youtube Membership if you want to ?159/month:

Direct donations or tips via Paypal/Cards:
Via Paytm: https:9870663235
Gaming Setup:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Mouse: Logitech 302

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PUBG Mobile Hack 😍 – Get Free UC in PUBG – [All Platforms] – [PUBG Mobile Cheats 2019] – Tutorial

🔸 PUBG Mobile Hack 😍 – Get Free UC in PUBG – [All Platforms] – [PUBG Mobile Cheats 2019] – Tutorial

🔸 Introduction of PUBG game

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds also known as PUBG is a battle royale online video game which is available on Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS. It was released in 2017, and just after its release, it became extremely popular all around the world. This popularity was due to its amazing gameplay and outstanding player experience. Players can play this game online with their friends over the internet. You can consider it a fabulous battle royale last man standing gameplay genre which holds various game and film genres in it which makes it so accessible. PUBG is the second best-selling PC game with more than 24 million copies sold. It tells us how popular this game is. Firstly, it was released on PC, but later on, after its huge success, its developers released the game for iOS and Android.

🔸 Use of Battle points and Coins in game

As we mentioned above, PUBG is the last man standing gameplay genre in which you have to explore the world and find players and kill them. It is a fantastic experience of exploring the world and finding your enemies. This game works on battle points which can be used for different purposes. For example, you can buy different stuff in the game like skins, weapons and other material which is available in the game store for purchasing. To earn battle points, you will have to be a good player. You can earn these points while killing enemies, winning matches and having a good kill to death ratio. Oppositely, you can use PUBG mobile cheats which will give you unlimited points to purchase anything in the game. We know you are curious about it. So, let’s talk about how you can do this securely.

🔸 How to get free points and coins using PUBG mobile hack

Basically, this hack is all about accessing the game database for certain purposes. It can give you the unlimited or a specific huge amount of battle points which you cannot earn or earn in a very long period in this game. It is just like PUBG mobile cheats as you apply cheats in the form of hack to get your required battle points. In other words, PUBG hack android is amazing as you don’t need to earn the battle points by spending enough time playing the game. The downside of this hack is it is not always easy and available. You will need to find the best source to hack your mobile game. Moreover, such hacks and tools are not always secure. They could steal some data from your game as well as other information in your device. So, don’t trust all of the PUBG mobile hack iOS and Android as these could seriously harm you.

Now the question is how you can get this mobile hack for your PUBG game. Well, the answer is simple, and that is our PUBG mobile hack. We will provide you with unlimited battle points which you could use in the game to purchase anything. The best opinion about our hack tool is it is safe and secure in all terms. Also, we are trusted and ensure you that you will get the points without any harm to your device or game account. You will simply need to use PUBG mobile hack android tool, and it will give you the required battle points.

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🔸 Track: Elektronomia – Heaven [NCS Release]
🔸 Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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I’m Gay – Eugene Lee Yang

Eugene comes out as gay in his original, deeply personal music video, featuring music by ODESZA.

Written, Directed, & Choreographed by Eugene Lee Yang

“A Moment Apart” & “Intro Instrumental”

Set Photography by JD Renes Photography

Executive Producer – Cathleen Cher
Producer – Sally Sujin Oh
Director of Photography – Adam Lee
Production Designer – Matt Soko
Editor – Jonas Thorhallsson
Colorist – Jakob Thorhallsson

Hair – David Dang
Makeup – Arianna Chaylene Bean
Stylist – Farren Jean Andrea
Stylist Assistant – Kali Mackay
Hair for Ensemble – Cayla Solomon
Makeup for Ensemble – Kasha Lassien

Oscar Utierre
Farren Jean Andrea
Malan Breton

Eugene Lee Yang
Sister – Grace Yoo
Brother – Intae Kim
Mother – Terumi Shimazu
Father – Gary Murakami
Girl – Sophia Oddi
Boy – Joshua Blaine

Kim Chi
Jazzmyne Jay
Rhea Litre
Mayhem Miller
Curly Velasquez
Arisce Wanzer

Jason Beaubien, Ryan Blake, Sol Deleo, Mitchell Flores, William Fryt, Mario Godiva, Delaney Goodman, Carter Lee, Jake Mason, Ava Minett, Loretta Minett, Rene Punzalan, Hector Sanchez, Donavan Sanders, Daniel Suarez, Aus Wang, Roman Young

Hind Boa, Justin Chen, Isaac Chu, Felicia Coito, Maiquel Denee, Kate Duffy, Alexandria Herring, Gideon Jacob, Samuel Johnson, Dyan Jong, Aris Kakkis, Danny Lam, Jeremy Lam, Shantell Lamb, Doinelle Macabugao, Lesha McBride, Annie Nguyen, Pat Nguyen, Robyin Nguyen, Devin Parker, Nick Rufca, Alyssa Santos, Zain Shami

Assistant Director – Clyde Goins
2nd AD – Dolly Gray
Music Supervisor – Cathleen Cher
1st AC – Dawson Taylor
2nd AC – Oscar Martinez
Gaffer – Devon Wilson
Best Boy Electric – Vince Valentin
Key Grip – Huan Manton
Best Boy Grip – Justin Lee
Art Director – Spencer Trent
Set Dresser – Devin Parker
Crane Operators – Ryan Elliott, Mike Pusatere
Production Assistants – Delaney Goodman, Izzy Mojamiid, Sergio Ochoa
Catering – Humberto’s Catering

Weho Dodgeball
Now More Than Ever Artists
East West Players
Virtual World Arcade
Adam Foley & Ninja Tune

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NLE Choppa – FREE YOUNGBOY (Shot By @Ftystudios1) Prod. CashMoneyAP

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VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

Corridor Boston Dynamics Short ►
How we made it! ►

Watch This Show From The Beginning ►…

This Episode ►
The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!

Most Used Equipment:
Perfect Camera:
Puget Systems Computers:

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Patreon Donation:
Buy Merch:


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