how to use google maps on android||How to use google map||

Hello Frnds,
This video will give complete explanation about how to use google map on android and it also benefit for a new person in big town to find out bus number for specific route.Must watch..

In this video i am going to tell you few trick of google map which may be very helpful for you in future.See finds some time we need to visit big what happens as soon as we reach to bust stop airport, we need to ask others to reach address. some time auto driver cheet us.
this can also help you to find near ATM,restorent etc.

how to use google maps on android
How to use google map

Unboxing redmi note 4 metta black|Redmi note 4 black|Redmi note 4 india

hello frnds,
this video is about unboxing and first look of redmi note 4 which i got from flipkart in flash sale.

As all of you know tomorrow there was a flesh sale of redmi note 4 black and i got black version of it from flipkart . we its great of flipkart they delivered it within 28 hrs.i am making this video for the unboxing of same.lets see what they have send and how it look like.okay lets see how device look buy this i have used a trick, i will share the link of trick in description as well as in last of the video.its good its made in india.See frnds this is your redmi note 4 black or say metta black.its look great and quality product.

Trick to buy:

1) Redmi Note 4 (Black, 64 GB) (4 GB RAM)!NNNN
2) Redmi Note 4 (Dark Grey, 64 GB) (4 GB RAM)
3) Redmi Note 4 (Gold, 64 GB) (4 GB RAM)
4) Redmi Note 4 (Black, 32 GB) (3 GB RAM)
5) Redmi Note 4 (Dark Grey, 32 GB) (3 GB RAM)
6) Redmi Note 4 (Gold, 32 GB) (3 GB RAM)!T!NNNN

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Android Maps: Part 1: Basic Maps

How to setup maps in Android Studio – with step by step Instructions
Google Play Services, Permissions, API Key, Map fragments.

You can download all the Projects here:…

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Published: 2016-01-24 02:11:48
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How to select Mutual Funds basic in hindi

This video is all about understanding of mutual fund selection for beginner.
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Published: 2017-02-11 03:38:04
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Android Studio Tutorials – 45 : Google Maps Android API V2 in Android

This video will explain how to display google maps in android application

Source Code :

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Android Studio Tutorial – 72 – Create Google Map Application

This video demonstrate how to create a simple Google Map Android application.
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Published: 2015-08-09 20:00:14
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