How you can multi task on Chrome on any nougat android device

Step-1 you will need to open Chrome
Step-2 and you will need to enable multi task
Step-3 now click on the three dots on the upside on the Chrome
Step-4 and click on move to other window
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Pokemon go joystick without root on any Android device

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How to play Sanam Re on Piano tutorial

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Published: 2016-10-23 07:31:21
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How to unlock Android device without knowing the password

It will only work on Moto G4 Plus
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Maped geometry box unboxing

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How to download WWE 2K on Android

Step_1 open Google
Step_2 than search Android mob org GTA
Step_3 than search wwe2k
Step_4 scroll down
Step_5 click download
Step_6 download apk and game chech
Step_7 go to your file manager and install app
Step_8 than extract zip file
Step_9 than make a folder and move zip file to it
Step_10 most important enjoy playing wwe😄😄
Have any problem share in comments
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Published: 2016-11-02 04:23:15
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