Huawei’s OS coming soon with Android app compatibility

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Huawei’s OS coming soon with Android app compatibility. According to Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s first-ever self-developed operating system will soon be launched this fall the earliest and no later than spring next year. Interestingly, the new Huawei OS will be compatible with all Huawei phones, tablets, TV, and wearable devices.

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Huawei’s Founder Speaks To BBC

Our company’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, spoke to a journalist from the BBC at Huawei’s headquarters. He patiently answered questions after questions, setting the record straight on the company’s mission and values, as well as the recent challenges. He spoke openly as an industry professional, a company leader, and as well as a concerned father.
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Easy bird trap technology make from CocaCola and Popsicle stick

Easy bird trap technology make from CocaCola and Popsicle stick

i use a cocacola after drinking and Popsicle stick to make an easy bird trap, this is a new bird trap technology that works.
this is just a trapping experiment only, no harming to creatures at all

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Huawei | Huawei Users dapat bang magalala? |Huawei google ban issue | Google pulls huawei license

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Apple vs Huawei: The Fall of a Giant

Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world, but today its throne is threatened by the Chinese company and its more fierce competition, Huawei.

The Chinese brand Huawei has not been slow in reaching the third place in sales of cell phones and could easily surpass Apple and Samsung very soon.

The reign of Apple and Samsung seems to be coming to an end, and of course, the White House has not stood still before the unprecedented rise of Huawei and Chinese technology, which has produced even more diplomatic clash between Washington and Beijing.

Today we will see not only what these two brands have in play, but what both countries are risking and facing.

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Primitive Technology: Easy Deep Hole Underground Python Snake Trap Using Blue Basket Work 100%

Primitive Technology: Easy Deep Hole Underground Python Snake Trap Using Blue Basket Work 100%

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