Im Playing my own Map!!!!!(Coolguygaming is in here!)no helper create my map for pat,jen,unspeakable

Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android

Piano Tiles 2 Robot | Beginner 21.079 Record

Robot breaks the record for Piano Tiles on the iPad.

Technical details:

Overhead iPhone 6+ processes video of the iPad screen at 120 fps.
iPhone tracks tile speed and sends timing info via MIDI over USB through the camera connection kit.
Teensy 3.2 receives tile data and sends step/direction to stepper drivers, which smash the tiles via conductive foam on brass bars.

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Siri Charge My Phone To 100%!

iPhone 5S (USA Link) –

Ever tried telling Siri to charge your phone to 100%? Well, we tried it on the iPhone 6 and came up with pretty weird results. Let’s take a look!

If there is anyone who doesn’t know who Siri is, Siri is the personal assistant introduced by Apple for iPhones.

When Siri is told the command “Charge my phone to 100%” on iPhone 6, Siri’s response is not something we would expect. After processing the sentence Siri proceeds to call emergency services with the voice response “Calling emergency services”.

The same result is obtained when the command is used on Siri in other older iPhones like iPhone 5 as well. This can be assumed to be a bug in the voice assistance feature of iOS. The current OS in iPhone 6 is iOS 8.4 and an update is being rolling out for iOS 8.4.1 as well.


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Do NOT Play Minecraft Pocket Edition at 3:00 AM (SECRET RECORDING)


Xidax Computers!

Map Download:

The story isn’t over… while Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition at 3:00 AM… we are trapped in the scariest hospital in Minecraft Pocket Edition which we try to escape. This is a secret recording of me playing Minecraft Pocket Edition at 3:00 AM on this horror map!

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NEW CITY MAP GAMEPLAY! | Fortnite Funny Fails and Best Moments #5 (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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