Install GOOGLE MAPS GO On Any Android Phone. Get Google Maps Go.

After launching Android Oreo Go for entry-level phones with 1GB or less RAM, Google is now on a streak of listing lightweight apps for the OS on the Play Store. These apps are known as “Go” apps and are suitable for the phones that do not have the strong hardware to handle regular apps. We can call these apps mini version of standard apps. Today, a new Go app has made its way to the Play Store, Google Maps Go.

Although the app has got listed on the Play Store, it can’t be installed on any smartphone. On opening its Play Store listing, it shows – your device is not compatible with this app. Unlike the recently released Files Go! this app does not seem to be compatible with non-Android Go phones. However, you can still give it a try by opening it in Google Chrome instead, through PWA (Progressive Web App). For the ones, who are keen on having the proper app on their phones, you will have to wait till its APK releases.

⛔Open Chrome and insert this link in the address bar –,76.8476901,11z?force=qVTs2FOxxTmHHo79-pwa

How to Get Safari and YouTube Running on Apple CarPlay & Google Maps!

I’m going to show you guys step by step how to get Safari and YouTube running on Apple CarPlay in your car, as well as many other key 3rd party apps such as Google Maps! Don’t be stuck with the stock apps that Apple allows on CarPlay — here you can use Messenger, Facebook, Photos and much more! Using NGXPlay

Here’s How you can get Safari and YouTube on CarPlay

iOS 11 Beta 2 CarPlay Demo –
*More recent Beta 2 CarPlay demo – Coming soon

What’s new in iOS 11 Beta 2:

More on iOS 11 & Watch OS 4:

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Install Google’s NEW Fuchsia OS on any Android phone

How to download Google’s latest Fuchsia OS on any Android phone. Here is a complete preview of upcoming Fuchsia OS. Is fuchsia os next android. What do you think about it?
Phone I use: OnePlus 3T
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APK File:
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Install & Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick

Welcome to TechNow Review..
Today we are back here with our new video on how to Install & Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick. Enjoy!!


Mirror Link:

More Mirrors:

New Updated Mirrors(April 25th 2017)

New Updated Windows 10 Link x64 (Download Gandalf file)

Windows 10 Link x86(Use Gandalf file)

If the above links arent working for you then you can try downloading your favourite image files and try it on the application. For settings check out the updated video:

You still need to play around with the settings as settings differs from every device.

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How To Get GOOGLE ASSISTANT On any Android Smartphone Easy Method | NO ROOT

Google Assistant is now available for all Android Smartphones having android 6.0 Marshmallow and above with more than 1.5GB Ram & 720p Display. This is the tutorial showing how to get it on your smartphone!

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How to Install ANDROID Apps on WINDOWS PHONE 10 Preview? Easy Guide

Installing Android apps on Windows Phone 10
Full written guide and tools

I have successfully tested few Android apps on my Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 10 Preview. It’s even possible to install Amazon apps store or Google Play store itself using this method.

Microsoft Windows 10 v4.4.4 platform name suggest that this is likely a custom Android 4.4.4 ROM developed specially for Windows Phone 10 by Microsoft. Android 4.4.4 is running as a virtual machine in Windows Phone 10.
Pretty fast and snappy especially for a +3 years old Nokia Lumia 920 with only a dual core CPU and 1GB of RAM.

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