Install Latest Android O Google Pixel Camera apk on any Android Device

Now you can install the latest Google Camera from Google Pixel and nexus devices on android device. This port is working on devices running snapdragon 835, 821, 820 and also on lower ed processor Soc 4XX, 6XX & more.

Download and Source Link (xda) :

Samsung Sent this Surprise Package !!!

Samsung Mobile India sent a a surprise package. Lets unbox it and see whats in it. It looks its going to be a accessory like case ? Thanks to samsung mobile for sending this.

official Clear Case :

*** Cases Used in Demo ***

99 Rs Case :
Nillkin TPU :
Nillkin Flip Case :
MT3 Designer Case :
Pitaka Case :
Rhinoshield :

[YouTube, English]
[YouTube, हिन्दी]

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15 Simple Android Tips to Improve your Phone Productivity & Battery Life

Try these simple android tips and tricks to improve android performance and battery life improvement tips and tricks. These are very simple and must have tips for all the android phones.

** Mentioned apps ***

Fingerprint Scanner Tool :
Screenshot Crop and Share :
Universal Copy :

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Snapdragon Camera vs Google Camera vs Stock Camera app. Recommended or Not ???

How good is the snapdragon camera app in comparison to Google camera and stock camera app. Compare it with real time phones and video sample.

Rooting Android Phones :

*** Download Link ***
Snapdragon Camera app need to be compiled for individual dvices. It may not work with all devives. Search on XDA Forum regarding the specific device.

XDA Forum (OnePlus 3T) :


Wallpaper Used :

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Google Pixel 2 (2017) Launcher on Any Android !!! (Nova Launcher Method)

Google Pixel 2 (2017) phones comes with a new redesigned pixel launcher. compared to previous pixel launcher it brings many UI tweaks. This video will guide you how you can create the pixel 2 launcher on your android device.

Description & Details :

Pixel Launcher :

Android Launchers :

Custom Navigation Bar :

Wallpaper Used in Video :

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Install Android O Google Pixel Camera With HDR+ On Almost ANY Android!

Download the app here :

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