Introducing the reCAPTCHA Android API

reCAPTCHA protects internet users from spam and abuse wherever they go. We’re excited to introduce the reCAPTCHA Android API as part of Google Play Services. With enhanced security, it enables more mobile users to pass reCAPTCHA with zero action.
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How to send email using Java Mail API in Android

How to send email using Java Mail API in Android

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In android we do not need to write complete codes from the scratch, because android provides built in API for the developers which we just need to implement them in our application. For example let’s discuss about android Mail API. When we need to make an android app that can send email, we have to use this mail API. Here in this tutorial we have created one demo application that can send emails from a particular id to anyone. You just need to type the mail address of the receiver along with the subject and the message. And you have to specify the sender’s email address in the code. Follow the steps carefully you will definitely say that it is so simple.

The Source code is available at

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How to send email using Java Mail API in Android

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How to obtain SHA-1 (Signing Certificate Fingerprint) key for Android App?

Generating/Obtaining Signing Certificate Fingerprint for your Android Application one of the main/require task while registering your application for getting API key.

This video guides you through the steps to obtain Signing Certificate fingerprint for your Android Application.

SHA-1 key is useful when you register your android application to get specific API key to use a specific service like Advertisement, G MAPs and all.

I have took an example of AdMob here to get advertisement related API key. But before that it require the SHA-1 key of an Android Application that you want to get register. That part i’ve demonstrate in this video with Android Studio.

So to know how to generate SHA-1 fingerprint for your Android Application go through this video. If problem persist you can always comment below your queries so we can resolve.

Thanks 🙂

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How To Install Google’s reCAPTCHA – Add Captcha to Your Websites Forms Easily – Stop Spam and Bots – Learn how to prevent junk mail and spam by adding Google’s New reCAPTCHA Software to your Forms. Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial.

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Android: Sending E-Mail

Tutorial on how to initiate sending an e-mail from within your app and pre-populating the e-mail screen with your e-mail address, subject and data from the user.
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Android Studio Tutorial – Upload Picture Part 3 – Sending Image To Server

How to upload pictures from an android device to a server and retrieve it at anytime in the app.

This will be useful in an app where users will have their own profile pictures or where users can upload pictures.

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