Introduction to Android Studio Interface and Options | Android development (Urdu / Hindi )- part 8

In this lecture we are going to discuss Android Studio interface and Its different options in Urdu – Hindi

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Creating Sample App and Solving Android Problems in Android Studio in Urdu / Hindi – Part 7

In this lecture we are going to discuss how to create a first or simple / sample app in android studio . How to solve android studio errors . How to run app in geny motion or in android mobile

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Channel: Muhammad Numan Hamza
Published: 2017-08-21 09:40:18
Duration: 7M11S
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Materials and Textures in Unity |Unity Beginner Course Urdu / Hindi part 4

What are materials in Unity and How to use textures in materials in Hindi / Urdu
This Lecture 4 of unity beginner tutorials gives answers to following questions
i)what are materials in unity in Urdu / Hindi
ii)What are textures in Unity in Hindi / Urdu
iii)How to create a material in Unity
iv)How to use material in unity
v)HOw to use textures in unity

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A complete video tutorials based course to Develop Android Mobile & Desktop Games using Unity 3D in Urdu/Hindi
Unity 3D tutorials in Hindi / Urdu

Unity 3D Course by Muhammad Numan Hamza & Learnfreeprogramming Academy

Channel: Muhammad Numan Hamza
Published: 2017-08-22 19:15:00
Duration: 10M8S
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Introduction to Android Application Development Course in Urdu or Hindi – Part 1

Android Application Development Course in Hindi or Urdu
Watch full course from :

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i) Introduction to android app development in Urdu / Hindi
ii) Best Online app development Course in urdu / hindi
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vi) android mobile app development in Urdu / Hindi
vii) android app development tutorial for beginners in urdu / hindi
Android App Development by Learnfreeprogramming Academy In Hindi / Urdu

Learn Android app development in urdu for free
android application development tutorial in hindi

Channel: Muhammad Numan Hamza
Published: 2017-08-06 16:25:46
Duration: 8M8S
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How to install and setup genymotion for android studio | Android devlopment ( Urdu / Hindi ) part-6

we are going to discuss How to Download, install and setup and integrate genymotion in the android studio in Hindi – Urdu In Part 6 of android app development course for beginners in Urdu /Hindi

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If you are searching for

i) How to run project in Android Studio in Urdu / Hindi
ii) how to install genymontion in Hindi / Urdu
iii) how to add genymotion in android studio in Urdu / Hindi
iv) how to download genymotion for free in Hindi / Urdu
v) genymotion setup tutorial in urdu – hindi
vi)genymotion in android studio Hindi / Urdu
vii)how to use genymotion in android studio in Urdu / Hindi
viii)how to integrate genymotion with android studio
ix)best android simulator for android studio
How to Install and Setup Genymotion for Android Studio. genymotion android studio
how to install and setup genymotion for android studio ( genymotion android emulator )
This post is for you !

Android app development by LearnFreeProgramming Academy

Channel: Muhammad Numan Hamza
Published: 2017-08-18 13:47:06
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Kotlin: The Future Of Android Development?

FREE COURSE – 5 Learning Mistakes Software Developers Make
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Kotlin: The Future Of Android Development?

Have you ever heard of Kotlin? Kotling has been picked as the official programming language for Android development.

“We believe this is a great step for Kotlin, and fantastic news for Android developers as well as the rest of our community. We’re thrilled with the opportunities this opens up.

For Android developers, Kotlin support is a chance to use a modern and powerful language, helping solve common headaches such as runtime exceptions and source code verbosity. Kotlin is easy to get started with and can be gradually introduced into existing projects, which means that your existing skills and technology investments are preserved.

Starting now, Android Studio 3.0 ships with Kotlin out of the box, meaning Android developers no longer need to install any extras or worry about compatibility. It also means that moving forward, you can rest assured that both JetBrains and Google will be supporting Android development in Kotlin.

In case you are concerned about other platforms that Kotlin supports (Kotlin/JVM for server and desktop, Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native), please be sure that they are as important for us as ever. Our vision here is to make Kotlin a uniform tool for end-to-end development of various applications bridging multiple platforms with the same language. This includes full-stack web applications, Android and iOS clients, embedded/IoT and much more.

Programming languages are just like human ones: the more people speak a language, the better. First-class support on Android will likely bring more users to Kotlin, and we expect the community to grow significantly. This means more libraries and tools developed in/for Kotlin, more experience shared, more Kotlin job offerings, more learning materials published, and so on. We are excited to see the Kotlin ecosystem flourish!

We will be partnering with Google to create a non-profit foundation for Kotlin. Language development will continue to be sponsored by JetBrains, and the Kotlin team (over 40 people and second largest team at the company) will operate as usual. Andrey Breslav remains the Lead Language Designer, and Kotlin will be developed under the same principles as before. We’ll keep our design processes open because your feedback is critical for us in moving Kotlin in the right direction.

If you’re at Google I/O, make sure you stop by one of the Kotlin talks on the schedule. And of course, don’t forget to register for KotlinConf in San Francisco in November. It will be an amazing event!”

So… Is this the future of Android development? Watch this video and find out!

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