Jarvis best voice control and assisstant for android with hotword detection full control eng/hin

Best voice control app for android-jarvis

J.A.R.V.I.S. on Android || Its Awesome || Have A Look ||

Yes its Ironman’s personal JARVIS on Android.
The Voice is same.
You are going to be addicted.
And its similar to Google Assistant further look at the demo in the video.

J.A.R.V.I.S. link – https://goo.gl/Qj7hy1

Facebook – https://facebook.com/Risky.boy76

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Jarvis for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAeEcUilEETUCGN_9GX4nLA

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Alexa vs jarvis voice control

I wish Alexa could give a different response then “okay” to every command. This shows how she should converse with you. You will notice Jarvis can give you a different response to the same command.

Programs and equipment
. Amazon Echo dot v2
. Milight/LimitlessLED bulbs
. Harmony hub x2
. Eventghost
. Voxcommando
. Autoremote + Chrome extension

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Jarvis – Make your Windows PC Voice-Controlled – 2017

Download and install Jarvis.
Hey there!
I will be teaching you in my next video how to make your Windows PC voice controlled, with a Software named ‘Jarvis’ [Its now called Links].
DISCLAIMER : I don’t have any rights on this software, I am not the programmer of it.
So, using this Software, you can give a voice command to your Computer, and expect it to be done. This is similar to Iron man fame ‘Jarvis’ , which is a Voice – Recognition Software.
So here is the official site, from where you can download the

software : http://mega-voice-command.com/downloads.html

Stay tuned to Danish Alam vlogs Hopefully, I will make another video on all the custom commands on Jarvis.

Follow me on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/myselfdanish_alam
follow me on my facebook page : http://fb.com/danish.alam.14
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If you have any doubts regarding this video ,Email me at : danishshamshad44@gmail.com

You can ask me for new tutorials, by E-mailing me, or by posting on Facebook Page, or texting me, or even by using the contact form in my Website.
Thanks for Watching!!

jarvis ai
Jarvis AI controls Mark Zuckerberg’

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AVX/EVA Offline Voice Recognition

Demonstrates how to install the offline voice recognition for Android 4.1 and later devices.
Channel: Ausiguy1
Published: 2013-03-21 22:46:54
Duration: 2M40S
Views: 12089
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