JSON Parsing using GSON in Android Studio Tutorial

In this video, I will try to teach you how to parse the JSON using GSON in android studio. First of all, we will read the JSON file using Assets folder. We will parse the json using GSON parsing technique.

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JSON and AJAX Tutorial: With Real Examples

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In this JavaScript tutorial we learn what JSON and AJAX are and how to use them to load new data into our webpage on-the-fly.

JSON URLs I use in the video:

Link to “beginning” demo code so you can follow along: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/QKPJmW

Link to “completed” demo code so you can see a final working example: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/RGOqQY

Link to my “JavaScript in Half an Hour” video I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPHerhks2Vg

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Android Volley Library Tutorial | JSON Parsing Using GSON Library – In Hindi

In this video we will learn about volley library. How to fetch data using webservices in android? Simple tutorial covering networking in Android. Once we get the data using Android Volley’s Library – we will parse that json response using Google’s GSON library. JSON Response is converted to Plain old java objects i.e. POJO. jsonSchemaToPojo is used to create POJO class from json string.

Topics covered –

1. How to fetch data from webservices using Volley?
2. Why use libraries like Volley and Retrofit?
3. Volley String Request and Request Queue?
4. Volley Working Example using Github API
5. JSON to Java Objects i.e. Parsing JSON Response to POJO
6. Use of GSON library – Gson Builder and fromJSON method

Learn everything about networking in android from scratch in Hindi.

Beginner series in Android Playlist-


UI and Main Thread Explanation Video –

Recycler View Video –

Learn all this in Hindi (हिंदी में )

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Parser in B2B Data Transformation

In this video you will have a understanding components of a Parser in B2B Data Transformation.
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Consent SDK new Admob EU Policy 2018 Tutorial in Android Studio

In this video, I am going to discuss about the new Google EU User consent policy . With this policy, ou must make certain disclosures to your users in the European Economic Area (EEA) and obtain their consent to use cookies or other local storage, where legally required, and to use personal data (such as AdID) to serve ads.

For documentation: http://q.gs/E8jyJ

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GSON Tutorial Part 1 – SIMPLE (DE)SERIALIZATION – Android Studio Tutorial

In this video series we take a look at the GSON library, which is provided by Google and makes the process of turning Java objects into their JSON representation (serialization) and JSONs into Java objects (deserialization) very easy.

In part 1 we are going to create a simple Java class, create an object of it, turn it into a JSON and then turn that JSON back into the java object. We will also learn how to use the @SerializedName annotation to use different keys and variable names.

Watch the whole playlist:

Source code, dependencies, instructions etc:

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