Kotlin Android Tutorial – MVP Design Patterns Login Validation

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In this tutorial , i will show you how to working with MVP Design Pattern through simple Login validation app

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MVP (Model View Presenter) Example (C# Code)

This video demonstrates a sample MVP project in C#. Model is used for business object, logic. Presenter has idea about view and uses model to present data in the UI. View has information of UI controls. Any UI technology like Windows Forms, WPF or ASP.net web forms can then implement view interface and existing presenters and model are used for any UI through view.
Channel: Gautam Mokal
Published: 2017-08-06 19:01:17
Duration: 9M8S
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MVP – Model View Presenter

Einfaches C# UI mit Windows Forms und MVP, ohne Interfaces
Channel: Georg Ungerböck
Published: 2014-09-14 13:47:56
Duration: 9M41S
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Flutter – MVP Architecture | Design Pattern | Dependency Injection | Flavors | Demo

In this crash course for Flutter, I’ll guide you through the creation of an app with MVP Architecture which is a Cryptocurrency App to track all the coins data in realtime.

We will talk about what is MVP (Model View Presenter) and how to implement it . We will also talk about dependency injection, singleton classes , how to make repositories and how to have different flavours for the app.

You can follow along on both Windows and Mac and you’ll be able to run the code written in this tutorial on both Android and iOS.

We will discuss topics such as:
– Building layouts
– Widgets
– States
– Basic Dart
– Dividing Code
– Using and Creating widgets
– Text Input
– Widget Decoration
– Theming
– Future
– Async & Await
– Coin market
– Deal with android & ios
– Dependency Injection
– Model
– View
– Controller

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Github repo (for this project): https://goo.gl/ddqUj8

NOTE: You can upload this app on playstore/appstore athough this is an opensource project . I will keep updating this project in future.

Be sure to ask for help in the comments if you need any. Suggestions for future Flutter tutorials are also very welcome! 🙂

Flutter is an SDK owned by Google to create applications for Android and iOS using a single codebase. Flutter uses the Dart programming language (also owned by Google). Flutter was in beta when I released this video, so things might still change a bit. But the SDK is already mature enough to write some cool production apps!

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Simple Login Example Using MVP Architecture

In This Video I am Explaining how to follow MVP Architecture in our Android Applications by using Model,View and Presenter….
Published: 2017-11-20 06:48:43
Duration: 17M18S
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