Lanceur de dé : Android Shake Listener (Secouer) [Accéléromètre]


Voici ma version 1.1 du lanceur de de du TP d’Openclassrooms.

Ajouts :
*choix du nombre de faces du de
*secouer pour lancer le de (shake)
*messages d’erreur

== TUTO == Comment utiliser Android Shake Listener ? Comment detecter une secousse de son smartphone ? Comment capter les donnees de l’accelerometre du telephone ? Comment developper la fonction shake secouer pour les applications Android ?

Video que j’ai utilisee (Shake Listener) :

Code de la video du SHAKE LISTENER fait par ATTRACTION :

Code du de + du shake listener fait par Thuy Duyen :

Logiciel : Android Studio
Langage : Java, XML
Niveau : Debutant

Merci a SalomonBrys pour son cours.

Pour voir la version 1.0 de cette application Android :

How to detect phone Shakes Android Programming ?
Android Sensor Accelerometor Tutoriel
Implementing a shake event
How to implement a shake event ?
How to use a shake effect with Android Studio ?
How to add a shake detector ?
Sensor listener

Ma 1ère application mobile : Lanceur de dé (TP Openclassrooms)

Voici ma premiere application mobile faite avec le TP du site Openclassrooms ! C’est un lanceur de de a 6 faces ou 20 faces.

Version 1.1 :

Logiciel : Android Studio
Langage : Java, XML
Niveau : Debutant

TUTO – TP : Creez une application avec une interface evolutive

Merci a SalomonBrys pour son cours.

Channel: Thuy Duyen
Published: 2017-05-27 10:18:50
Duration: 19S
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Android DEV – Show/Hide Action Bar when scroll screen

Auto show/hide top Action Bar when ListView, WebView, ScrollView is scrolling!
For details, see this post:
Channel: Hồng Thái
Published: 2015-09-30 04:06:33
Duration: 46S
Views: 11014
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Decode Android application package ( Only tutorial )

Decode Android application package . Education only ( By : D@rkshadow Myanmar)
Channel: Dark Shadow
Published: 2016-04-02 10:23:45
Duration: 2M59S
Views: 248
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MyShake earthquake app

University of California, Berkeley, scientists released a free Android app that taps a smartphone’s ability to record ground shaking from an earthquake, with the goal of creating a worldwide seismic detection network that could eventually warn users of impending jolts from nearby quakes.

For the full MyShake story, visit:

Update on MyShake App:

The app, called MyShake, is available to the public from the Google Play Store and runs in the background with little power, so that a phone’s onboard accelerometers can record local shaking any time of the day or night. For now, the app only collects information from the accelerometers, analyzes it and, if it fits the vibrational profile of a quake, relays it and the phone’s GPS coordinates to the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory for analysis.

Once enough people are using it and the bugs are worked out, however, UC Berkeley seismologists plan to use the data to warn people miles from ground zero that shaking is rumbling their way. An iPhone app is also planned.

For more information and to direct questions about MyShake, please visit:

Video by Roxanne Makasdjian and Stephen McNally

Channel: UC Berkeley
Published: 2016-02-03 21:46:11
Duration: 2M7S
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JASPER : Allumer une LED par reconnaissance vocale (Raspberry Pi)

# -*- coding: utf-8-*-
import re
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time

#Mise au point

#Definition entrees et sorties
GPIO.setup(4,GPIO.OUT) #Pin gpio 4 en sortie

def allumer(pin):
GPIO.output(pin,GPIO.LOW) #allumer


def handle(text, mic, profile):
mic.say(“Your door is opened.”)


def isValid(text):
return bool(’openb’, text, re.IGNORECASE))

Channel: Thuy Duyen
Published: 2015-06-04 15:50:50
Duration: 43S
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