Latest Android Phone |Budget Smart Phone |Jio Phone2 Killer|Offline Market Killer | Itel A23

Namaskar Dosto,Mera naam hai AK Mishra,aap savi ka swagat hai #akreviews main.Aagar aap k paas hai 4g sim aaur budget hai low to ye video jarur dekhe,iss video main hum latest android phone but very low budget smartphone k bare main details review diye hain.4400 se v kaam price main isme latest android k sath 4g volte ka support and face unluk ka v option milta hai. Ese hi unboxing and review dekhne k liye channel ko jarur subscribe kare.
Jio 25GB Additional data offer
Special Thanks to Mr.Bhikham Jain for providing review unit.

Latest Android Phone |Budget Smart Phone |Jio Phone2 Killer |face unlock |Offline Market Killer | Itel A23
Itel A23
Unlock With Just A Look

Face Unlock
Faster & convenient
Easy to Enable:
Go to Settings,
Click on Face Unlock,
Add Your Face😊

5″ Big & Bright Display
FWVGA Resolution
16:9 Aspect Ratio
196PPI, 2Points Touch

1.4GHz Quad Core Processor
8GB Internal Memory
32GB Expandable Memory

Android8.1 (GO Edition)
50% Smaller Preloaded Apps
2x More Storage
15% Faster
Built-in Data Saver
Google Play Protect

Beauty Mode Camera
2MP Rear with Flash
3P Lens, f/2.8 Aperture
Panorama mode/Night mode
VGA Selfie Camera with Flash

Reliable 4G Connectivity
4G Bands: B1/3/5/40/41
3G: 850/900/2100MHz
GPS, WiFi hotspot, BT4.0

Better optimized Battery
20 Hours Talktime
22 Hours Music Playback time
14 Days Standby time

Colors Availability
(Phantom Black, Champagne Gold)

MRP: Rs.4,999

*25GB* Free 4G Data from JIO
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Smart phone vs basic phone | light house


This video shows a small comparison between smart phone users and basic phone users

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12 Mistakes You Make While Charging Your Phone

How to Prolong the Life of Your Battery. In case the battery of your favorite gadget can’t keep up with the workload and dies too quickly you must be looking for ways how to make it last longer. people still keep doing all kinds of crazy stuff because they think it’ll extend their battery life, like throwing their phone in the freezer! We’re gonna get into this plus more common mistakes people make when it comes to charging their devices and what you can do instead to prolong your phone’s battery.
It turns out you don’t really have to charge your phone to the max before using it for the first time. It’s safe to use your phone while it’s charging and also okay to charge it overnight.

Charging your phone to the max before using it for the first time. 1:14
Not using your phone while it’s charging. 2:15
Being afraid that chargers from a different brand will kill your battery. 3:00
Thinking that turning your phone off will damage the battery. 3:40
Trying to “train” your battery. 4:13
Not charging your phone overnight for fear of damaging the battery. 4:58
Putting the battery in the freezer to make it last longer. 5:36
Using task managers to prolong battery life. 6:09
Fearing to leave your phone charger plugged in. 6:40
Not charging laptops all the time to prevent damage. 7:21
Believing that the Internet runs your battery down the fastest. 7:55
Turning off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi to prolong the battery life. 8:42
Tips to prolong the life of your battery:
Keep batteries cool. 9:28
Store batteries with a bit of charge. 10:01


-You’ll be perfectly fine if you just buy a phone, take it out of the box, and start using it right away.
-It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your phone while charging or not, it’ll still charge the same exact way.
-If the charger works well enough, it won’t harm your mobile device. So if you need to urgently charge your phone in an emergency or the factory charger it came with doesn’t work anymore, you can get any cheap version that’s compatible with your smartphone.
-If you simply shut your device off from time to time, nothing dramatic will happen. In fact, some devices may actually start working more effectively after you reboot them.
-Feel free to charge your phone even if the battery is as full as 90%. Charging your phone frequently doesn’t hurt the battery.
-If you wanna extend your battery’s lifespan, keep it charged between 40 and 80%. Believe it or not, this actually helps the battery live the longest.
-Freezing your phone does nothing more than kill the battery. The thing is that lithium-ion batteries react badly to both cold and heat.
-The built-in system on your phone is already dealing with everything that should be done to keep your device’s performance in tip-top shape. As for third-party task managers, they’re actually more likely to decrease your phone’s performance.
-It’s perfectly safe to leave your charger plugged in unless you have a damaged charger, pets at home, or no lightning protection.
-Experts recommend discharging your laptop to zero percent no more than once a month.
-If you’re just surfing the Net or reading articles, it doesn’t influence your battery life any more than listening to music does.
-Wi-Fi consumes even less energy than your smartphone needs to maintain the cellular data connection.
-Avoid leaving your smartphone, tablet, or laptop in direct sunlight or in a hot car. And definitely don’t take your gadgets to a hot place, like the beach or sauna.
-The problem with storing batteries is that they lose their charge over time. And when this charge drops to zero, your battery will automatically kill itself so that it doesn’t become unstable.

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Top 3 Best Life Hacks for Smartphone – Amazing Smartphone Life Hacks

Hi everyone in this video you will see top 3 best life hacks for smartphone.
Amazing smartphone life hacks.

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how to increase jio 4g internet speed 2018 in tamil-SkillsMakers TV

Hello vannakkam friends intha video la Secret Setting to Increase Jio Internet Speed on Android Mobile | For All Sim Cards da patthi than pakkaporrom

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The Real Reason Chinese Phones are so Cheap in 2018…🔥🔥🔥

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