Latest Pokemon Go Hack 0.59.1 (No Root) (Any Android)

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Hey Friends 😊

In this video im showing you How to hack Pokemon Go in almost any android device.

So those who are still unable to use the pokemon go latest hack must watch this video.

Imp Note: In order to play it in marshmallow (android 6.0/+) or nought (android 7.0/+)

→Run the pokemon go app normally with gps and data enabled → when it opens keep it running in background and goto developers option of your device → Now click select mock location app and select fake gps go → Now open the joystick from the fake gps go app and goto the running pokemon go game.

IF you’re using android Lollipop(5.0/+) or Android Kitkat (4.4/+) then see this video to use the latest Pokemon Go Hack:

You’re Done!

(Fake GPS GO App):

(Pokestop Coordinates): Kinshicho (6 Pokestops)

New York (7 Pokestops)

(Pokestop Download Link):

Download this file and open it with any text editor to copy and paste it to the search bar of the gps app.

(Masterfix For Pokemon Go Hack):

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Pokemon Go Hack Android Lollipop (No Root) 0.59.1

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This is the video for those who are looking for a hack of Pokemon Go For Android Lollipop without any root. Use GoGPS(recommended) for mock location app and use wifi for better spoofing and sniping.

@SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE: (of this video)

I put all the apps links below u can download them.

Pokestop coordinates file is below just download it and open with wps office or any other app like that.

POSLEDNI PokemonGO HACK 0.59.1 pro Android LOLLIPOP (5.1.1)

LAATSTE PokemonGO HACK 0.59.1 voor Android LOLLIPOP (5.1.1)

LATEST PokemonGO HACK 0.59.1 pour Android LOLLIPOP (5.1.1)

NEUESTE PokemonGO HACK 0.59.1 fur Android LOLLIPOP (5.1.1)


ПОСЛЕДНИЕ PokemonGO HACK 0.59.1 для Lollipop (5.1.1)

ULTIMO PokemonGO HACK 0.59.1 para LOLLIPOP (5.1.1)

ULTIME 0.59.1 PokemonGO hack per LOLLIPOP (5.1.1)

1. Download Pokemon Go latest apk from playstore

2. Download Fake Gps Go(See the icon in video) apk from play Store Gogps/Fly Gps also can be used if fake gps doesn’t works

3. At first go to your phones settings then go to about phone and tap build no 7-8times,now developers option will be enabled in your device

4. Now go to settings and go to developers option from your device and check or enable Allow Mock Location

5. Now open Fake Gps Go/Gogps/Fly Gps and search a location u want to use

6. Then just select any area via touching the screen(as shown in this video) and click Select to start,Then you must got a joystik on your phones screen

7. Now Go to settings and again developers option and disable Allow Mock Locations

8. Now open pokemon go and login with your Google or Pokemon Trainer Club Account


###If Its not working for your phone see this masterfix video to fix it:

Note:* If fake gps or go gps failed to use just try fly gps with fixed location mode 🙂

******GOGPS APP is recommended for first time use..not fake gps go…if GOGPS works fine then u can try with Fake Gps Go

IMP. NOTE: i’m not guaranteed that this hack works with all stock Lollipop roms But if it works then Im happy to help you… And if its not working or showing that gps signal not found or failed to detect location then You can try to use another app like FLY GPS or GO GPS if they also doesn’t work then try to change your Devices Rom and Use a custom lollipop rom of your device.Then try this method.You can google it or can search in youtube For your devices custom lollipop rom.Thank You Guyz…Hope you like it.Plz Like and Subscribe Guyz…😄

(GOGPS APP)- (GOGPS is going to turn off their service quickly so instead of it try this app) ↓

Try (NEWGPS!)→(instead of GOGPS) :

(Fly Gps App)- (not in play store)
Download Pokestop Coordinates:
if your phone is rooted or failed to login or unable to authenticate then see this video:
Whatsapp group link-

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How to hack Pokémon go with walking in lollipop or KitKat?😋

Fake GPS app =
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Latest Pokemon Go Hack 0.59.1 Android Lollipop (5.0,5.0.1,5.0.2,5.1,5.1.1) (100% WORKING!!!)

POKEMON GO HACK FOR ANDROID LOLLIPOP (5.0,5.0.1,5.0.2,5.1,5.1.1)

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Hello Guys this the masterfix video for those who are still unable to play Pokemon Go on their lollipop devices. Use GoGPS (recommended) for mock location app and use wifi for better sniping and spoofing.

Note: If you use GOGPS as a system app it will work perfectly, When you open GOGPS after moving it to system it will show your home location( u need to save the NEWYORK location or anyother location you want ) And after that just click on the plus icon and you will be in newyork also you dont need to turn on or turn off mock location it will auto turned off by GOGPS.

Pokestop Coordinates (Newyork and kinshico):

GOGPS APP: (GOGPS is going to turn off their service quickly so instead of it try this app) ↓

(IMP NOTE) Try NEWGPS! (instead of GOGPS) :

Lucky Patcher App: (not in play store)

See this video to know more about rooting (2nd Method):

Lucky Patcher Use: After rooting ur phone goto lucky patcher and grant root access and then click on GOGPS and select tools and select move to /system/app after that reboot your phone and done.

If u guyz have any problem u can comment below i will try to answer as quickly as possible.

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How to Hack Pokemon Go on iOS & Android! Pokemon Go Hack Tutorial on the LATEST version of Pokemon Go Update! Pokemon Go Hack Android & Pokemon Go Hack No Jailbreak iOS Tutorial! How to hack pokemon go guide!


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Pokémon Go 0.57.4 Hack | New Gps Joystick Replace GoGps For Android (No Root)

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