Learning Unreal Engine Android Game Development by Nitish Misra

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UE4 – Android Development Setup

There were many questions on the AnswerHub on how to get Android development started with UE4, In this video, I go into detail on how to get everything set-up properly.

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Setting up Android Development Enviroment | Unreal Engine 4

Device Support: wiki.unrealengine.com/Android_Device_Compatibility
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Android Game Development Process with Unreal Engine 4

Setup Android Environment to develop Mobile games with Unreal Engine 4. This video tutorial shows how to install Android SDK, Android NDK, JDK etc. for Unreal game engine and how to create .apk game file in Unreal Engine. Finally tests the build game play in android mobile.
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Unreal Engine 4 Mobile VR Tutorial – #01 Android Project Setup

Unreal Engine 4 Mobile VR Series:
In this series we will be running through all of the steps required to create a project to be used with mobile virtual reality devices such as the Google Cardboard or the Google Daydream.

This Video:
In this video we setup the project to allow builds to Android devices covering all of the steps from an empty project and installing all of the required components.

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Packaging Our Project – #61 Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorial Series

This is episode 61 of my unreal engine 4 beginner tutorial series, in today’s episode we use the settings shown in the previous video to package our game into an executable game folder allowing us to run the game outside of the editor.

We target the windows platform however this tutorial can be used to package and publish onto Android, Mac, PS4 and Xbox one!

If you haven’t seen the previous video check it out now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P878gUw9l-E

Blueprints Creations Series

Sample Heightmap Download – http://adf.ly/1IyFG0
Unreal Engine 4 Download – http://adf.ly/in24w
Sample Textures Download – http://adf.ly/1KbBy8
Tutorial HUD Download – http://bit.ly/tutorialHUD
Menu Assets Download – http://bit.ly/1XugVsN

Next Video
In the next video we’ll be diving further into unreal engine 4!

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