Lecture 1| Introduction to Android | Learn Android programming | Android tutorial for beginners

Learn Android from the Basics!!!

Android tutorial for beginners – This Android tutorial series has been created for beginners to help them understand the basic concepts of android programming. This android course is beginners guide to android development.

Mr. Sachin Kapoor is the head and CEO at Sharma Computer Academy with an experience of over 21 years which includes 15 years at SCA.
He has trained over a hundred thousand students and professionals in programming and software development. He is also director of Abhi and Aish Infotech pvt. ltd., an emerging company for software development and solutions.

Courses: C, C++, Java(JSE,JEE), Android, PHP, Oracle, Hadoop, Data Structures and many more technologies.

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Learn English in 30 Minutes – ALL the English Basics You Need

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You’ve decided to start learning English, so let’s build up your vocabulary! In this video, you’ll learn some of the most important words and phrases in the English language. If you want to start learning English, this video is made for you. Our host expresses herself in simple English, with English subtitles. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your English study.

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Step-by-step ASP.NET MVC Tutorial for Beginners

FULL COURSE: http://programmhttp://http://programmingwithmosh.com/courses/complete-asp-net-mvc-5-course/ngwithmosh.com/courses/complete-asp-net-mvc-5-course/

Want to learn ASP.NET MVC 5 from scratch in a fun, step-by-step and pragmatic way? Watch this tutorial and get started.

Table of Content:

00:00 Introduction
02:48 ASP.NET MVC Architecture
05:31 Setting Up the Development Environment
07:38 Your First ASP.NET MVC 5 App
14:34 MVC in Action
21:18 Adding a Theme
26:49 Action Results
31:47 Action Parameters
37:42 Convention-based Routing
42:58 Attribute-based Routing
46:27 Passing Data to the Views
50:30 View Models
54:19 Razor Views
58:38 Partial Views

I have several other courses on C#, Entity Framework, Angular 2 and more. Check out my courses here:


Stay in touch:



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Tutorial: Android Studio, from zero knowledge to something basic

First Android tutorial! This uses Android Studio, the now official method of building Android apps, and walks through every detail step-by-step to get a basic application working. The functions of the end app are extremely basic, but hopefully this will help out anyone who wants to get over the hump and get some of their own code running on an Android device. Exciting stuff!

This is my first tutorial video, if you’re interested in more, have questions, or any constructive criticism, let me know! Planning to release more Android tutorials in the future.

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Lecture 1 Hardware – Understanding Computers and the Internet.

Lecture by Dan Armendariz and David J. Malan of Harvard University.
This course is all about understanding: understanding what’s going on inside your computer when you flip on the switch, why tech support has you constantly rebooting your computer, how everything you do on the Internet can be watched by others, and how your computer can become infected with a worm just by being turned on. Designed for students who use computers and the Internet every day but don’t fully understand how it all works, this course fills in the gaps. Through lectures on hardware, software, the Internet, multimedia, security, privacy, website development, programming, and more, this course “takes the hood off” of computers and the Internet so that students understand how it all works and why. Through discussions of current events, students are exposed also to the latest technologies.

This is OpenCourseWare.
Source Code, slides, subtitles and downloads of video availible at http://computerscience1.tv/2011/spring/

This course’s content is licensed by Dan Armendariz and David J. Malan of Harvard University under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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Android Studio Android Programming Tutorial for Beginners simple Clicker application

Android programming tutorial to make your first Android application, we design a simple clicker application from start to finish. We use Android Studio, this tutorial is for beginners.
Channel: TZCoder
Published: 2015-12-16 22:28:21
Duration: 30M
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