Make DatePicker Dialog using Kotlin Android Studio 3

make DatePicker Dialog using Kotlin with android studio

get source code

Android Developer Story: Kotlin + Android increasing developer happiness and productivity

Kotlin for Android is production-ready. It’s an expressive, concise, and powerful language. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, tens of thousands of developers are already using Kotlin to build their apps. Developers from Pinterest, to Expedia, to Basecamp — and many others — are finding their use of Kotlin is increasing productivity and their overall developer happiness levels.

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Selector Fecha Y Hora Android Studio (DatePicker TimePicker)

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The Visitor Design Pattern is obsolete in Kotlin 1/2

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Make First Project Kotlin “EditText & Button” using Android Studio 3

Kotlin using Android Studio 3

if you are using Android Studio 2.3.3
install Kotlin(
Add Apply plugin: ‘kotlin-android-extensions’ in Gradle (Module: app)

get Source code Project =

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Android Floating Label Edit Text with Form Validation

This video explains the Android Floating Edit Text in details and also full form validation is implemented in various text fields in an Android form

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2. Android Studio Development Essentials Android 7 Edition – Learn to Develop Android & Apps with Android Studio 2.2:
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