MarQ TV 55″ IPS Smart TV 4K Certified Android TV Overview

MarQ 4K 55″ HDR TV by flipkart is an android certified smart TV it has a 55″ IPS 4K panel runs over android has support for google play store but it in support for chromecast and comes with 2 remote controllers of which once is a bluetooth controller with voice controls using which you can control the TV and has powerful sound thanks to Dolby support.

MarQ 55″ 4K Android Smart TV is sold via flipkart

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Budget Smart TV’s Even Android TV What You Need to Know (2018 Guide)

In this video I talk about Smart TV’s / Android TV’s budget Smart TV the different types of panels like IPS, VA the Smart TV functions what features you can expect truth about HDR and a lot more. Amazon Prime and Netflix support on these budget smart tv’s.
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Selling an iPhone XR & XS to ecoATM.. How Much $?

Selling my freshly broken iPhone XR, XS & 8 to an ecoATM. How insulting are the prices? Is it worth it? Ultimate Scam Machine. + Broken iPhone XR Giveaway

My Insta For Giveaway:

iPhone XR Drop Test:
iPhone XR Unboxing All Colors:

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Casual Talk With Bhuvan Bam (BB KI Vines) His Tech Gear & Cameras

I was in Australia and Bhuvan Bam was also there so I talk to him casually about what he uses to shoot his videos and other tech he uses to create his content.

BB Ki Vines

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People See the Double-slit Experiment for the First Time

I have made a follow-up video to clarify some flaws in this explainer

Quantum physics is weird. I hope this video makes you interested to read more about the experiment

Big thanks to my friends for being part of this video:

Caitie Browne:

Matt Beat:

Victor Osinga:
and second channel…

Jack Hendy (my brother):

Willie Rates:

Special mention to Kevin Li who’s footage was lost to unfortunate circumstances…

The base footage is from Dr Quantum – Double-slit experiment, taken from
The clip is originally from “What The Bleep Do We Know!?: Down The Rabbit Hole”. A disclaimer is that this organisation contains some less-than-scientific ideas and supports some pseudoscience from what i’ve seen. That being said, I find this clip of Dr. Quantum to be an excellent educational tool for the double-slit experiment.

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I got an early look at the OnePlus 6T…

Hands on with the OnePlus 6T before the release date! Unboxing, review and a special video coming soon! #OnePlus6T

OnePlus 6T Launch Page:

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