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Welcome back my viewers, today we are adding Android Material Alerter Pop Up into our Android Application.

Link to the Codes:

Goal: The Android Application Development Series where I cover each and every topic inside Android Studio that is required for easy understanding and proper usage of Android Studio. By the end of this course, I can guarantee that you can build your own desired Android App and upload it into Google Play Store and earn money from your users.

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Simple Login App Tutorial Using Android Studio 2.3.3 (NEW)

A Simple Login App which takes the user input and compares it with a string and on correct login it lets the user enter the app else it displays the number of attempts remaining and after 5 incorrect attempts the login button gets disabled!

Github Code Link:

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How to add a fragment programmatically to Android Studio

In this video I am going to show you how to:
add a fragment to android studio programmatically with a fragment manager and a fragment transaction.
This process will take about 3 minutes but by the time we are finished here, you will know everything about how to add fragments to android studio programmatically.
I guarantee you will learn something of value in this video.

In this video we will be using Android Studio Version 2.3.3
Link to corresponding Android Developers web page:
Link to GitHub Repository containing the code used in this video:
Ever wanted to make android apps? Now is your chance to learn from my Android Studio tutorial videos.

I started this youtube channel in 2015. I set out with the goal of producing quick, but informational videos that only contain information relevant to the topic at hand. I wanted to set up a channel where new and even experienced programmers could search for whatever they are working on, and they would find a short, quick, and accurate video that pertains to their needs.

What does all this mean? Well basically when you find yourself watching one of my tutorial videos, you can relax knowing that you will only see and hear content directly relating to the topic you are currently pursuing. That means no long lengthy intros, no listening to someone go off about random things in their youtube channel that you couldn’t careless about. It means I will get right to the point. It means the video will be quick in an effort to show my respect for your time, and that I want you to be satisfied with you have viewed.

Even though I am only Android Studio for these tutorials, you should still be able to follow along for the most part in other programs like eclipse.
Are you struggling? Is there a little problem that you just cant figure out? Well I’m here to help!

You can also leave feedback, suggestions, video ideas, and whatever else you may need.

To reach me you can comment below, email me, or even refer to my website:

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How to Customize Android Theme & Background | Android Studio 2.1.2 | Updated

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you that ‘How to Totally customize a android app in Android Studio

Here, I made a layout with a background which i designed after googling it on Google Images, Then I added a custom TextView with a custom font available in Android Studio itself, Then a button (no button handler was used) with a custom background for it too !

I just called the app as Custom Layout Mania !!

Code Here used :
Lucky ! Here we only dealing with XML (No java is maintained !)

That’s It !
I hope that this tutorial could help you !


Find this project at GitHub (Source Code) :

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Android Studio Tutorials – 44 : Custom ListView in Android

This video tutorial will explain how to create CustomListView in Android
Channel: rams android
Published: 2017-01-11 16:06:24
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How to create Custom Dialogs in Android

How to create Custom Dialogs in Android, In this video I will show you how to show Custom Dialogs, Alert dialogs, Progressbar dialogs, show an activity as dialog. With this tutorial, you can learn how to implement various types of dialogs in Android Applications.

Check live implementation of these dialogs here:

Get Source Code here:

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