Mobile game Overachiever: Mini Games ( available on Android, IOS, Kindle)

IOS Appstore:

Retro pack of old-school micro arcade games. Like mini pixel platform games? Be awesome and play them all.

How to Play:
In menu click Play button. Then choose a game to play. At first most of games will be locked. To unlock a game you must play previous one and achieve at least one star. You can choose between Flying copter, Pixel cart, 100 balls style game, Pop the corn, Poke an alien, Avoid blades. More games will be added in the future.

• pixel art
• 8bit background music
• retro feel

Mobile game: Jewel Miner Journey (made for Android and IOS phones)

Google Play:
Apple Appstore:
Amazon Appstore:

Awesome digging miner game for your phone. Collect gems and jewels to complete levels. Avoid bombs and tnts so you won’t get destroyed. Pick up the clock to gain extra time. There is also a shop where you can buy quicker claw, more time, bonus score etc.

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android game: Run square run

This is the most fun endless runner style game out there. You have to jump with your player(Square) and have to avoid hitting the simple geometric shaped obsticles. Run Square run is one of the best time killer games out there.

google play(free):

background music(Royalty Free):

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Top 10 Best iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Kindle Fire Games 2016 | Ultimate Best Game for Gamers

In this video we will show you our list of top 10 best iOS Android Windows Phone Kindle Fire games 2016 to play. This list includes games with high graphics & addiction, good storyline and epic gameplay that will make you spend your time enjoy playing it and its best games ever. and all of these is best things for gamers to know it.

Top 10 Best iOS Games 2016 | High Graphics | iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


■ ANGRY BIRDS 2 (0:20)
■ PAC-MAN 256 (1:19)
■ TAP TAP DASH (1:57)
■ LARA CROFT GO (3:22)
■ BADLAND 2 (3:53)

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LRP Gravit Dark Vision crash test

Flying LRP Gravit Dark Vision in a high wind.
Channel: Roman Pušnik
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PLAYMOBIL Luxury Mansion ★ Free Game App for Kids – Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Gameplay video of “Playmobil – Luxury Mansion” by Playmobil. This free game app for kids is available for: iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire
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