Molly Platformer *Android Gameplay*

Molly platformer – take a rabbit across the levels full of obstacles and traps. Gather tasty fruits on the way, they will help the hero get to the finish. In this Android game you will go through bright levels with gradually growing difficulty. Your task is to take the rabbit to the finish. This won’t be easy as the life bar of the rabbit is slowly getting shorter. You must pick up pineapples, watermelons and other fruits to get life points of the character. Tap the screen to make the rabbit jump on the platforms, gather fruits and overcome obstacles.

Game features:

Over 10 interesting levels
Cute character
Simple system of controls
Useful bonuses

Atomic Super Lander Gameplay *Android Game*

Rescue the Earth from asteroid bombing. Jump into a spaceship, land the asteroid surface and explode it. In this Android game you are going to play as an astronaut whose mission is to rescue the world. You became an astronaut by chance and you managed to complete only a short training. But this won’t prevent you from completing the mission. Fly your spaceship to the nearest asteroid, leave the ship and get through the rocks, caves and tunnels. Avoid traps and be ready to meet monsters. Fix a nuclear charge and run.

Game features:

Many interesting missions
Realistic physics
Sly aliens
Board of leaders and achievements

Channel: MahFila86
Published: 2017-03-30 11:08:13
Duration: 10M17S
Views: 2
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Blast Breaker Mobile * Android Gameplay *

Take the hero forward across dangerous locations full of various monsters. Apply combat skills and combo to crush enemies on the way. Take part in numberless fights against monsters in this Android game. Play as an archer, warrior or magician. Each hero has unique abilities and combat style. Get support of a strong mercenary who will help you destroy monsters and bosses. Gain experience, level up your character, master new abilities, buy weapons and armor. Set records and compete with friends.

Game features:

3 classes of characters
Wide range of munitions
High score
Daily presents

The game requires an Internet connection

Channel: MahFila86
Published: 2017-03-31 15:04:48
Duration: 6M28S
Views: 1
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Monster Trucks Action Race *Android Gameplay*

Monster trucks action race – drive one of monster trucks able to change its form. Take the truck along dangerous tracks full of obstacles. Drive at crazy speed across unique locations of this Android game. Overcome steep hills, narrow bridges and water obstacles. Drive along track loops, complete incredible trampoline jumps and other stunts. Gather golden coins on the way and unlock secret rooms full of bonuses. Apply unique abilities of your truck to find the way out of hard situations.

Game features:

4 funny trucks
24 interesting levels
2 fantasy worlds
Handy system of controls

Channel: MahFila86
Published: 2017-03-29 13:18:28
Duration: 6M3S
Views: 3
Likes: 1
Favorites: 0

Realm Defense: Fun Tower Game *Android Gameplay*

Take command over the realm defense. Build defense towers and other constructions. Summon mighty heroes and stop enemy hordes. Rescue the world of this exciting Android game from dark powers. Destroy armies of skeletons, goblins and other monsters. Fight in different corners of the realm. Place defense towers in the key points of the map and stop the enemy. Trust the power of such heroes as a knight, archer, sorcerer or dragon. Upgrade defense towers and develop your heroes. Crush powerful bosses

Game features:

Over 40 interesting levels

4 types of towers

Legendary heroes

Many different enemies

Channel: MahFila86
Published: 2017-03-28 13:12:16
Duration: 3M18S
Views: 10
Likes: 0
Favorites: 0

Aliens In Chains Android Game

Help a brave heroine cope with aliens during her journey across the galaxy. Use lasers to blast chains of aliens. Apply your logic and observation skills to cope with tasks and complete levels of this Android game. On each of the levels you will be offered a playing field full of colorful aliens. Help the heroine activate lasers to destroy chains of identical aliens. Try to complete each task at minimum moves. Set records and surprise your friends.

Game features:

Funny characters
Over 300 levels
Daily rewards
Incredible bonuses and power-ups

Channel: MahFila86
Published: 2017-03-30 12:57:35
Duration: 4M44S
Views: 8
Likes: 2
Favorites: 0

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