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Most Powerful Android #App At YouTube & Google Store 2019! By Techy Expert

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Sweet Boy & Girl At Filed Morning | Short Film In Morning What They Are Doing At Beautiful Field

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Aşk-ı Memnu Bihter ve Behlül

Bihter Behlul (Aşk-ı Memnu)!!!!!Bihter Behlul (Aşk-ı Memnu)!!!!!Bihter Behlul (Aşk-ı MemnuBihter!!!! Behlul (Aşk-ı Memnu)!!!!
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(7 दिन) में दिखाते है असर नमक के ये सात उपाय | NAMAK KE TOTKE | Totke

AASTIK – Spiritual Secrets: Salt is one that is found in the kitchen of every home but very few people know about the totke of salt (namak ke upay). These upay are so powerful and effective in removing the negative energy from the house as well as life of anyone. Try these totke of salt and see its miracles in your life.
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live full documentary latest | best wild life of amazon girls isolation on the planet

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live full documentary latest | best wild life of amazon girls isolation on the planet

“Tears of the Amazon” is a big budget documentary that captures vivid images of the Amazon River in Brazil over the course of 300 days. The aerial camera mount, Cineflex have shot plenty of gorgeous high definition images of the vast Amazon River for the viewing pleasure.

The documentary also address to provoking questions about environmental issues that will threaten the Amazon. Half of the 2 million plant and animal species in the world live in the Amazon, which is a treasure trove of wildlife diversity.

There are indios who live deep in the jungles of the Amazon and do without the trappings of modern civilization while adhering to their traditional way of life. With strict paternal families, the indios of the Amazon are polygamous.

But Western civilization is slowly encroaching into their lands. Bicycles, satellite dishes… What kind of changes are taking place in the Amazon jungles? The Zoe tribe retain the earliest human way of life and how Waura tribe begins to accept parts of the modern life.

On the other hand, the Amazon is facing the threats brought by modern practices, such as rapid deforestation for large-scale farmland and the extinction of precious species due to over-hunting.

Tears of the Amazon focuses on seven aboriginal tribes of the Amazons – particularly the Matis and their gradual transformation after their first contacts with modern civilization, and the Zoe, which live on the exact opposite end of the spectrum, avoiding any outward contact and maintaining their style of life intact.

Showing how the rapid and gradual destruction of this natural paradise is affecting those tribes,
Tears of the Amazon – just like its predecessor Tears of the Arctic – brings a new dimension to the discourse about global warming and environmentalism, through humanism which feels honest enough not turn the real matter at hand into a mere springboard for political diatribe.

And for K-drama fans, it’s even narrated by Queen Seon Duk’s own Kim Nam-Gil, so all the more reason to check it out.

Based on a MBC documentary

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