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किसी भी फ़ोटो के कपड़े उतारे अपने फोन के कैमरे से चोक जायेगे सब 2018 का तहलका

Es video me mene aapko ek app ke bare me btaya hai jo ki bilkul riyal work btaya hai thaq
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Car chalani sikhiye.learn car driving in 9 minutes.

Learn car chalani sikhiye 9 minutes i will tell you some amazing tricks of car learning..jinhe apna k aap aasani se gadi chalana seekh skte hai.
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Published: 2018-08-17 13:19:30
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जुआ जीतने का आसान तरीका|| 2,3,4,..sitting easily set by this trick|| comment for learn

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Published: 2018-08-21 05:39:24
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7 Brilliant Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

7 Ingenious Tricks and Life Hacks for Your Smartphone. They will help you overcome some everyday problems and make your life much easier. And don’t miss a cool bonus tip at the end!

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Published: 2017-10-10 18:50:18
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The Fake Watch Industry In China. Be Careful when buying a watch.

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The luxury Swiss watchmakers have always been an icon of modern sports brands of such standing, it is only natural that many will choose to make fake watches. It is not always easy to tell the difference between the original and a fake, especially if you’re not a watch expert and don’t know how to open the back of the watch to inspect its movement.

FAKE WATCH MYTH #1: Fake Watches are Lighter than Genuine Watches
Rubbish! Counterfeiters today easily make watches that are the same weight. How? Well, they are using the same ETA movements as the original manufacturers or second source copies. Therefore weight is no longer an acid test.
FAKE WATCH MYTH #2: It’s Not Complicated
You will read that complications never work on fake watches. It is true that in many cases they do not. But many luxury watches do not have any complications except date, which may work on a fake watch. Therefore, the complication test is usually not helpful in separating the fakes from the real.
FAKE WATCH MYTH #3: The Date Bubbles on Fake Rolexes Don’t Magnify Enough
It used to be that the “Cyclops,” the lens over the date on a Rolex did not magnify 2.5 times on a fake Rolex. That is not so difficult to fake anymore. I have seen many fake Rolex watches with the correct magnification. I would not depend on that as a litmus test.
FAKE WATCH MYTH #4: A Genuine Movement Means a Genuine Watch
Have you heard that movements on fake watches are never the same? How wrong that is. Most watch brands today buy their movements from ETA, the world’s largest supplier of mechanical movements. The counterfeiters can now buy Chinese or Japanese reproductions or indeed actual ETA movements from secondary sources. Take a look below at how similar reproduction movements look. Which of below is authentic and which is fake? They look pretty similar, don’t they?
FAKE WATCH MYTH #5: Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
There is no such thing as a free lunch, right? The conventional wisdom is that gifts of luxury watches are fakes. Well, this may be close to the truth. But real watches are inherited and sold. If we all go around scrapping inheritance gifts, it may be an expensive error. This is hardly a definitive test for telling genuine finds from imposters.
FAKE WATCH MYTH #6: All the Watches on Craig’s List are Fake
Is this a myth? Probably not, honestly. I can’t recommend looking on Craig’s List for a luxury watch.
Twenty years ago the fakes were really fake. You could look at a watch and really quickly determine it was trash. Not anymore. As manufacturers add counterfeit measures, the counterfeiters copy them. Today we have super fakes that take experience and knowledge to detect.

Channel: nav san
Published: 2016-12-08 13:18:39
Duration: 13M29S
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