Moving Adobe ebooks to other devices

We email the ACSM file to ourselves and then open in computers, tablets, or phones, iOS or Android. Here we use the Bluefire ebook app for iPhone, there is also a similar app for Android and PC.

How to Purchase Starpath Adobe eBooks

This is also the way Starpath students get their complimentary copies. For more information on the Adobe ADE ebook system see
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HRRR Data from Saildocs

With a huge thank you to Saildocs for their production of the High Resolution Rapid Refresh model wind and pressure data in grib format. This is a note on how to get it by email request and what it looks like. With this new product from Saildocs, we are turning to a brand new page on the use of model forecasting for sailors. Very exciting.
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How To Import Books and PDF’s to iBooks on iPad

In this video I show you how to move Books and PDF’s into iBooks on the iPad. I show you how to do this by using just the iPad and by using iTunes to do this as well. I also show you how to move documents from the iPad to your computer.

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NOAA ENC Viewer Online

A quick tour of several NOAA online chart viewer, with emphasis on the NOAA ENC Online Viewer that displays, interactively the vector charts (ENC). Links to the views mentioned are:

To select and download raster (RNC) and vector (ENC) charts, showing outlines but not the actual charts:

For a seamless (quilted) view of RNC:

To see individual RNC, note the chart number from first link above, then go to:

(There is no way to view individual ENCs.)

To see the main viewer of this video, namely the interactive ENC viewer, go to:

To see our book on Electronic Charts:

We will add another video on this ENC viewer to address a couple more of its powerful features.

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iPad eBook format overview of the .epub file

Use .epub to create eBooks and load them on iPad. See the internal structure how the pieces fit. The .epub format is free/open. It allows reflowable and resizable text, CSS decorations, .jpegs, .gif, .png but no moving images or sound.

More resources:
Build an ePub Tutorial –
PC tool –
“ePub” on MobileRead Wiki –
Firefox Add-on –
PDFxml Inspector –
Specs –
ePub Check –
Construction guide:

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