MQTT Node Red Android Pi Voice Control

Android voice control in a Node Red environment – here using WiFi access to a Pi. The practical experience of an old man trying to provide a reliable system based on

Node Red MQTT on the Raspberry Pi

Node Red has quite rightly generated a huge head of steam in the 3 years since IBM released it as an Open Source project. Here I quickly review the interface and short circuit some of the installation and upgrade problems. If you need a reason to learn OO JavaScript then this too is an excellent starting point.
Channel: Richard Wenner
Published: 2016-11-19 07:32:17
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Multi room home automation speech using MQTT

How to build a multi-room wifi speaker system for playing home automation speech for $60 per speaker. More info at

A related video where I test 7 different USB speakers can be found here:

Channel: Bruce Winter
Published: 2016-06-11 02:58:39
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Rapid IoT Node Connection

Guide to rapidly connecting the Multitech mDot for IoT evaluation using OTAA. Use AT commands on this USB device to evaluate a live IoT connection quickly and easily. IMWRTO – is my world reduced to acronyms?

mdot datasheet
pdf of full commands
starting with AT commands
mbed link

TTN Ref Multitech Ref AT Command
Device EUI Device ID –
AppEUI Network ID AT+NI
AppKey Network Key AT+NK
Device Address Network Address AT+NA
Network Session Key Network Session Key AT+NSK
AppSession Key Data Session Key AT+DSK

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Published: 2017-02-21 06:53:16
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Raspberry Pi 3: Newbie Introduction

A revised introduction to the Raspberry Pi – using Pi 3
Channel: Richard Wenner
Published: 2016-04-12 06:24:22
Duration: 14M49S
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