Multi Action Home Button App For Android on Screen Buttons Android App

Multi Action Home Button App For Android on Screen Buttons Android App

Hi Friends,in this video I shown how to do multi task by multi action home button. We can do our action like our android home button,back button and recent button. Hope you will enjoy the video.

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20+ Tips and Tricks of Xiaomi Mi A1

Checkout my QnA! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!
20+ Tips and Tricks of Xiaomi Mi A1
Xiaomi Mi A1 Tips and Tricks that you need to know!

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Instrumental produced by Chuki.
Hello Guys Namaste, welcome back to androtrix, I recently got the Xiaomi mi a1 – the android one device by Xiaomi and in this video I’m going to show you some tips and tricks of the same,

Disable Google Screen
I’m sure when people buy this device, most of them would want to remove the Google page at the left side, and to do that you have to press and hold on the home screen, go to settings and turn it off.

Disable the vibration of navigation bars
(Sound – other sounds – vibrate on tap)
Another thing which you would want to disable is the vibration on the navigation bars, I Don’t know about you but I really find it irritating. To disable those vibrations, just go to settings, sounds, other sounds and disable vibrate on tap

Gestures settings to turn on the camera.
The camera of Xiaomi mi a1 is really amazing and chances of you opening a camera in a day to click something is damn high, hence they have added a secret gesture where you can just double tap the lock button and it’ll take you straight to the camera application. To enable it just go to settings and then gestures to enable it

Camera tricks

Face unlock, works perfectly
As Xiaomi mi a1 is based on stock Android, you can enable the face to unlock feature which has been there on android since years, to enable that you have to go to settings, security and then click on smart lock, in there you will find face unlock so just select that and register your face. Once done, lock the screen and just look at it to unlock it

Swipe for Notifications
One of my favourite feature on Xiaomi mi a1 is the gesture control on the fingerprint scanner. You can toggle it on by going to the settings, gestures and enable the swipe for notification setting. Once done you can swipe down on the fingerprint scanner at the back to get it notification bar down, you can do that again for extended notifications, swipe up on the scanner and it goes up. I’m a big fan of this feature and would recommend you to definitely use it.

Battery percentage indicator

If you want the Battery percentage indicator on your device then you will have to unlock the system UI tuner and for that just go to the notification panel and click and hold the settings icon, after few minutes the new secret menu will pop up in the settings and from there you can enable the battery percentage on your device.

Ambient display

Enable Google Assistant

Change ringtone of your device!
In order to change the ringtone of your device, you will have to first install the ES file explorer from the play store, once done, then you have to go to the phone app, settings, sound and click on phone ringtone and select the Es File Explorer. now find the music file which you want to set as the ringtone.

Clear cache data to free up space

Drag notification by 2 fingers

Screen pinning to lock your content from others

Spilt screen

Switch apps quickly

Use icon shortcuts
Another trick to use the phone more efficiently is the icon shortcut, this is like the 3D touch of iPhone where you can get few options of the app right on the screen before going inside the app.

Change notification icons arrangements

The Pro mode of Xiaomi mi a1 doesn’t allow you to take long exposures, however, you can do that by downloading Camera fv5, in that you can change the shutter speed to 5 and bring down the iso to 100, the. Click the image of the light rail and you’ll get this awesome image which people won’t believe is taken on the smartphone!

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Android 7.0 Nougat Hidden Settings!

Now that Android 7.0 Nougat is official, here’s a look at how to activate and change the hidden settings within the SystemUI Tuner.
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Wink Relay Hack Step by Step Instructions in 4K – Use Any Android APK

**Check out my other WINK hacking videos too ** Google Play Store and the notes below, lots of helpful information as well as TIPS ** Click “SHOW MORE”
This video shows you step by step how to change the Wink relay wall controller from WINK only to any Google / Android desktop. This will also allow you to go between the two and customize the screens to your own liking. The default Wink application can be slow and lacks the ability to really tailor the screen to ones personal taste. Please comment if you have any questions or like the video?

Wink has discontinued the Wink Relay and had a Black Friday fire sale as low as $25 each. Home Depot still sells them for $99 as well as amazon and there are plenty on eBay for $69 to $89.

Directions were originally complied by but that is no longer available so they were copied to a mirror site. I have embedded this into the video as links can and often disappear with the knowledge lost.

Applications I suggest using
Google Play Service (Needed to load some apps)
Google Now Launcher or Total Launcher or Nova (your choice)
Multi Home Button
Application Assistant
APKpure (APK download site) – you can use any you want
Wink (Android Version if you want to remove the WINK Relay function)
Any weather App of your choice
Any News App of your choice

Later check this out for getting the Google Play Store working if you need it. *****

You can also default the display to stay on all the time if you do not like the sensor or tap to display feature. I will post another video on how to do that shortly, if not just comment for it. You can also load some themes like Star Trek LCARS on top of Total Launcher if you like but will take time to customize for home automation. To add your apps to Total Launcher just press and hold an empty part of the screen and the edit menu will come up. You can add or move around anything on the screen. This is the selling point of Total Launcher as Google Now is more limited but easier to configure.

If you need to factory reset your WINK, this can be done by rebooting, then by placing your finger over the top sensor while holding down the top relay button. In the menu select factory reset image and you are all set (wipe and factory restore).

To get GPS to work load the following (credit to Jay Miller)
Google Play Services (version 9.4.52)
Google Now Launcher (version 1.3 large)
Google (version

I tried to get as much detail as possible but it’s not easy to condense this into 10 minutes without having a really long and boring video.

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** Added an update video with further tips and tricks

** Added another video how to get the Google Play Store to work

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Truecaller Global Phone Directory How To Trace Caller Name Location and Photo

Hi,We are fell boring when we get call from unknown number. But technology easy the way. Now we can trace unknown caller name,location and the photo of number holder by truecaller.

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Android 8.0/Samsung Experience 9.0 on Galaxy S7 edge!!! [LEAKED OFFICIAL BETA]

Hey Guys!
Here I am showing you Android Oreo running on the S7 edge SM-G935F with Exynos Processor. This firmware was accidentally rolled out to a user in Vietnam and now it’s available for everyone with Exynos S7 edge to be flashed.
Have fun with it!

Link to the post with the installation guide and download links:

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