Multi Level 7 Car Parking Simulator #2 – Car Game Android IOS gameplay

Multi Level 7 Car Parking Simulator #2 – Car Game Android IOS gameplay
Oddman Games : gaming channel about Android and IOS games, gameplay, walkthrough and much more..

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The Top Hit Parking Game Series returns – featuring an all-new location at the City Center Super Store! Drift and Park in Amazing Cars. Maneuver long Busses and make Freight Truck Deliveries! Show your Parking and Driving Skills in 50 Epic Missions at the Multi-Level Parking Lot!

▶ AMAZING CARS: Drive & Park 10 Unique and Different Vehicles
▶ CITY CENTRE SUPER STORE: Explore its every corner!
▶ MEGA MULTI-LEVEL: Realistic Multi-Level & Open-Air Parking Lots
▶ DEMANDING CHALLENGES: Over 50 Precision Driving Missions to Pass!

Drive, Drift and Park Muscle Cars and Supercars, MPV’s, Pickups Trucks, Family Sedans and SUV’s. Keep the area clean with the Road Sweeper truck and make deliveries to the store in the Freight Truck. Drive shoppers to the store in the City Bus and take your family shopping in the Family Car, Camper and 4×4 pickups! There is something for everyone in Multi-Level Parking 7!

Drive with other traffic, all looking for their parking spaces at the store! Be careful on the roads and make sure not to damage your cars!

Visit the realistically detailed parking garage with multiple floors, ramps, entrances and animated features such as opening ticket barriers. Find your way to the parking spaces without crashing and prove you have what it takes to drive a massive selection of vehicles like a pro!

The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to play, all the way through, no strings attached! Extra Game Modes which alter the rules slightly to make the game easier are available through optional In-App Purchases.

Bus Simulator Indonesia #18 CRAZY DRIVER! – Bus Game Android gameplay

Bus Simulator Indonesia #18 CRAZY DRIVER! – Bus Game Android gameplay
Oddman Games : gaming channel about Android and IOS games, gameplay, walkthrough and much more..

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Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka BUSSID) will let you experience what it likes being a bus driver in Indonesia in a fun and authentic way. BUSSID might not be the first one, but it’s probably one of the only bus simulator games with the most features and the most authentic Indonesian environment.

Below are some of Bus Simulator Indonesia top features:

– Design your own livery
– Very easy and intuitive control
– Authentic Indonesian cities and places
– Indonesian Buses
– Cool and fun honks
– “Om Telolet Om!” (Uncle, honk your horn, uncle!
– High quality and detailed 3D graphics
– No obstructive ads while driving
– Leaderboard
– Data saved online

With the release of Bus Simulator Indonesia in 2017, this is only the beginning, we have been and will always be updating the game and improving players experience.
So, what are you waiting for? Download and play Bus Simulator Indonesia now!

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Sidewalk Cop – Episode 6 – Mickey’s Grand Theft Auto

This is our 6th movie!

We hope you are enjoying them as much as we have had making them. In this latest creation of the California Beach Boys we take you on yet another exciting cops and robbers adventure. It has everything from being behind bars in prison to two grand theft autos and an exhilarating three car police chase that has a finish that is out of this world. We hope you have a blast. Please leave us comments and let us know what you think. Bye for now!

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