Multi Task Home Button App For Android in Bangla হোম বাটনের গোপন কাজ

Multi Task Home Button App For Android in Bangla হোম বাটনের গোপন কাজ

In this video I shown the multi task of home button. To do multi task, there is needed a app named multi action home button.By this app we can do many task with single button like left,centre and right button. Grab the video in Bangla.

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Android soft key Not Working | Home button not working | Back button not working

In this video i shown you if your android phones home button and back button not works then what to do.(Android soft keys not working )

App Download Link —

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Android Home Button Secret Tricks

Android very useful secret tricks if Your Mobile home button is dead or broken. The Secret Android Button, I’ll show you what to do when the physical Home key On Your Phone Stop Working.
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Pixel home button animation on any android device

Hello guys today I’ll show you hoe to get Google Pixel home button animation on any android device.
[Xposed] Pixel navigation bar
Facrbook Page: apptech11

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Never Touch Your Physical Home Button Again! – Android Gesture Controls

It’s been getting pretty annoying having to press in the physical home button, but touch everything else on the Galaxy S7…so here’s my solution! Simple to use gesture controls for Android! It pretty much works on any device.

Huge thanks to Samsung for providing this device and being the sponsor of this video!

All In One Gestures (Play Store) –



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Add on screen button in any Android phone(no root)

you can now add on screen button (soft key) in android device.
it will work in any android device
no root nedded
so it is very usefull 👌
i hope it will help you

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