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Shadow Fight 2 Finale: Shadow vs Titan

Shadow Fight 2 Finale

Level: 52
Primary weapon: Composite Sword
Armor: Navigator’s Armor
Helm: Navigator’s Breath Mask
Ranged weapon: Dissecting Blade
Magic: Torturer’s Rage

Bow down to the King! 👑

Channel: Anthony Dacles
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Fortnite: ALL 58 emotes and dances + Their real life original references [No bonuses]

~ Remember to Like/Dislike/Share ~ All 58 emotes and dances in Fortnite (incl. Battle Royale) plus their real life original references, NOT including bonus clips.

All dances are shown for about 15 seconds each, so you can get a good look at each one, if you want to look at it longer or less then feel free to turn the video’s playback speed to x1.50 or x0.75 or x0.50 (Or use the timestamps that are provided in my ‘pinned’ comment). I also do not make the claim that this video is “in sync” or that the real life dances are synced to those in the game, though I DID sync most of them (but not all). This video is also updated for Season 4

All video/info timestamps + links to source/original videos: https://goo.gl/3UMTpz (once you click it, the comment should be at the top of the comment section)

As of 31 May, all the emotes/dance in the game are: Boogie Down, Baller, Rambunctious, Laugh it Out, Boogie Bomb, Chicken, Zany, Star Power, Snap, Dip, Take 14, Freestylin’, Boneless, Hype, Orange Justice, Popcorn, Thumbs Up/Down, Groove Jam, Smooth Ride/Tidy, Squat Kick, Confused, Click!, Fresh, Best Mates, Flapper, Floss, The Robot, Breakin’, Breaking Point, Dab, Face Palm, Reanimated, Finger Guns, Flapper, Gun Show, Step it Up, Kiss Kiss, Make it Rain, Pure Salt, Salute, Slow Clap, True Love, Wave, Jubilation, Disco Fever, Brush Your Shoulders, Rock Out, Rock Paper Scissors, Hootenanny, Flippin Sexy, Rocket Rodeo, Electro Shuffle, Wiggle and The Worm.

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Ninja Reacts To Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! (BCC Trolling & Twitch Moments)

Channel: Extreme
Published: 2018-06-03 20:16:38
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New “FIREWORKS TEAM LEADER” SKIN Gameplay Showcase + Battle at TIME RIFT | Fortnite Shop SEASON 4

The Fortnite FIREWORKS TEAM LEADER SKIN (4th of July/Independence Day) teddy bear was recently released in the Fortnite shop along with the Star-Spangled Ranger, Star-Spangled Trooper, and Sparkler emote. The epic Fireworks Team Leader skin costs 1500 V-Bucks, the uncommon Star-Spangled Ranger and Star-Spangled Trooper costs 800 V-Bucks, and the uncommon Sparkler emote costs 200 V-Bucks. The Fireworks Team Leader is a blue teddy bear with red and white striped pants along with the “Blasting Cap” back bling that looks like an Uncle Sam hat with fireworks in it. The Fireworks Team Leader is part of the Stars and Stripes set. This video showcases gameplay of the Fireworks Team Leader skin, including a 50v50 battle win at the time rift located at the motel. This was a pretty aggressive gameplay with the new skin, as I had a high number of eliminations. I just thought that some of you would be interested in seeing gameplay of the new Fireworks Team Leader outfit to possibly help you decide on whether you should purchase it or not. I hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for watching!

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*NEW* “FIREWORKS TEAM LEADER” SKIN with 60 DANCES/EMOTES | Fortnite Shop SEASON 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWvs2iEvP_s

Channel: YaBoyPsycho
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Jail Break Prison Escape (by Zozo Mobile) Android Gameplay [HD]

Jail Break Prison Escape Game is the good combination between action game and puzzle game filled with intriguing. Make preparations to urge out and prove your innocence!

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jail.break.prison.escape

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In Jail Break Prison Escape Gameplay you’re an unfortunate person has been sentenced to death, however the reality is you’re innocent. So you usually wished to flee the jail.
To participate during this escape game, you wish to pass the forty stages with completely different issue level.

First of all, you wish to provide an ideal attempt to escape the space and prove you’re innocent.
Next steal the key from the law officer, exploring the route of escape by finding the puzzles and escape the jail. In addition, Jail Break – jail Escape has nice graphics, vivid, dramatic sound.

Jail Break Prison Escape Game Features:
– Eight prisons map and lots of fascinating topics.
– Eight easy and superb ways in which to interrupt the jail.
– Forty level with completely different issue level.
– Over ten props to assist you escape.
– Lovely graphics and live action.
– The dramatic sound.

Please Rate, Share and Comment too, really want to entertain all of you, so tell me what you want!

Thank you guys for watching – DroidGameplaysTV

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