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11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones

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In this top 11 list, we look at the most scary and mysterious things caught on tape by drones. These devices allow us to capture videos from the sky, giving us a new way of looking at what’s around us. Whether they’re real or fake, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Narrated by: Chills
Written by: Kyler Richman
Edited by: Huba Aron Csapo
Intro by: Jacob Snarr

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How to Get Unlimited Cell Data for Free (Any Carrier or Phone)

NOTE – This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶
Most cell carriers no longer offer unlimited data plans. But in this joke tutorial I’m going to show you how you can get unlimited data for free, and this will work on any cell phone or cell carrier. It works by tricking your cell carrier into thinking you haven’t downloaded any data at all, therefore giving you unlimited cell data to download.

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Kanaa – Vaayadi Petha Pulla Lyric | Aishwarya Rajesh | Arunraja Kamaraj | Sivakarthikeyan

Bringing you the adorable #VaayadiPethaPulla from #Kanaa rendered by none other than #Sivakarthikeyan along with his darling daughter Aaradhana Sivakarthikeyan who marks her debut as a singer with this song by Dhibu Ninan Thomas! Directed by Arunraja Kamaraj and produced by Sivakarthikeyan Productions, Kanaa is an inspirational sports drama that also wonderfully weaves a father-daughter bond!
Watch the official Tamil lyric video now!

Movie – Kanaa
Song – Vaayadi Petha Pulla
Singers – Aaradhana SivaKarthikeyan, Sivakarthikeyan, Vaikom Vijayalakshmi
Lyrics – GKB
Starring – Sathyaraj, Aishwarya Rajesh, Dharshan, Ilavarasu, Munishkanth @ Ramadoss, Rama, Savari Muthu, Antony Bhagyaraj and many others
Director – Arunraja Kamaraj
Music Composer – Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Cinematography – Dinesh Krishnan.B
Editor – Ruben
Art Director – Lalgudi N Ilaiyaraja
Choreographer – Sathish Krishnan
Creative Designs – Vinci Raj
Costume Designer – Pallavi Singh
Stunt – Stunner Sam
PRO – Suresh Chandra / Rekha D’ONE
Sound Mix – Suren.G
Sound Design – Suren.G, S.Alagiakoothan
Music Mix – Balu Thankachan (20db Sound Studios)
Visual Effects – KNACK Studios
Co-Producer – Kalai Arasu
Producer – Sivakarthikeyan
Making Video – Ganny Ssafyr, Krishna Chander
Lyric Video – Ranjith
Music Label – Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Musician Credits
Backing Vocals
Kalyani Nair , Veena Murali , Deepthi Suresh , Abinaya Shenbagaraj , Sowmya Mahadevan , Shenbagaraj G , Deepak , Santosh Hariharan, Kapil Kapilan

Piano , rhythm & electronic programming : Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Shehnai: Pandit S Ballesh
Dilruba. : Saroja
Flute : Vishnu Vijay
Nadaswaram : D.Balasubramani
Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar : Keba Jeremiah
Bass Guitar : Naveen Napier , Keba Jeremiah
Percussion : Sruthiraj
Electronic Drums : Vasanth David
Tapes : Ganapathi , Sruthiraj , Venkat , Kiran
Tavil : Venkat
Kanjira and Idakka : Ganapathi

Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra
Arranged by Dhibu Ninan Thomas , Kalyani Nair
Score : Kalyani Nair
Conducted by Oleg Kondratenko

All songs composed ,arranged & programmed by Dhibu Ninan Thomas
All songs mixed by Balu Thankachan ( 20 dB Chennai )
All songs mastered by Shadab Rayeen (New Edge Studios , Mumbai )
All songs mastered for iTunes by Shadab Rayeen (New Edge Studios , Mumbai )
All songs recorded at Grace studio (Chennai) ,Krimson Avenue (Chennai) ,20dB (Chennai ) , Albuquerque Records (Chennai ), NHQ (Cochin) ,Fames. ( Macedonia )
Recorded Engineers

Abin Pushpakaran ( Krimson Avenue ) , Vishnu M. ( Krimson Avenue ) , Avinash Sathish ( 20 dB ) , Giorgi Hristovski (Fames Macedonia), Kiran Lal ( NHQ ) ,Dhibu Ninan Thomas. ( Grace Studio ) , Atanas Babaleski (Fames Macedonia )

Assistant Record Engineers : Nova J Boruah , Elwin Jospeh , Riste Trajkovski , Ilija Grkovski , Lintu Benedict

Music Supervisors : Sethu Thankachan , Abin Pushpakaran
Indian Orchestra Co-ordinator : Andrew T. Mackay
Music Co- ordinator : Babu Rasheed , Steve Mathew

© 2018 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

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10 Warning Signs Your Heart Isn’t Working Properly

How to Prevent Heart Disease. About 610,000 people die from heart disease each year in the U.S. alone. There are tons of factors that can cause a person to develop heart problems, but most of them come down to poor lifestyle choices. Your body gives you warning signs early on so that you can catch an illness in its early stages or even prevent it altogether and save your life. Here are 10 of the most common red flags that indicate bad heart health.

A cough that won’t quit 1:38
A persistent cough can be a symptom of all kinds of health issues, and cardiovascular disease is one of them. For instance, a chronic cough that produces a pinkish bloody liquid is very common in people with heart failure. Despite what it sounds like, heart failure doesn’t mean that the heart completely stops beating. It just means that a person’s heart isn’t pumping blood as well as it should be. As a result, the body doesn’t get enough oxygen since it’s carried to all the tissues by the blood.

Nausea and loss of appetite 3:07
A lot of heart disease patients show a lack of appetite, nausea, or both, even if they’ve had just a couple bites of food. The reason for that is built-up fluid around the liver and intestines that interferes with proper digestion. These symptoms are usually accompanied by abdominal pain, upset stomach, or feeling bloated. In fact, abdominal cramps that come and go in short spurts are extremely common right before a heart attack.

Your skin becomes paler or takes on a bluish tint 5:28
Being naturally pale doesn’t necessarily mean you have a heart condition. But sudden paleness can be a result of reduced blood flow due to a heart that’s not pumping blood as effectively as it should be. Shock, which can be caused by any condition that prevents the blood in your body from circulating properly, is the main reason why people who are suffering from a heart attack or heart failure turn pale all of a sudden.

Chronic or sudden fatigue 7:02
Fatigue can be one of the main symptoms indicating an impending heart attack. Women are more likely to experience heart-related fatigue than men, with 70% of female heart attack patients reporting that they’d felt extremely tired before their episode. Physical or mental activity isn’t the reason for such exhaustion, and it increases by the end of the day if it’s due to a failing heart. It’s really hard for this symptom to go unnoticed. Sometimes it’s exhausting just to perform even the simplest tasks, like making the bed or taking a shower.

The 126ers – Darkness of My Sun
Density & Time – City of Jewels

10. Pain that spreads to the arm 1:01
9. A cough that won’t quit 1:38
8. Swollen legs, ankles, and feet 2:25
7. Nausea and loss of appetite 3:07
6. Extreme levels of anxiety 3:47
5. Lightheadedness or fainting 4:26
4. Your skin becomes paler or takes on a bluish tint 5:28
3. Skin rashes or unusual spots 6:20
2. Chronic or sudden fatigue 7:02
1. Increased perspiration 7:45

-If their heart isn’t working properly, a lot of men feel pain in their left arm, while women experience the same pain in either or both arms.
-A persistent cough can be a symptom of all kinds of health issues, and cardiovascular disease is one of them.
-When your heart isn’t pumping enough blood through the body, fluid from your blood vessels leaks into surrounding tissues. Your lower extremities are the most affected simply due to gravity.
-A lot of heart disease patients show a lack of appetite, nausea, or both, even if they’ve had just a couple bites of food.
-People who suffer from extreme anxiety from a very early age or most of their life are more prone to developing coronary heart disease.
-Feeling lightheaded and experiencing temporary loss of consciousness, also known in the scientific community as “syncope”, is super common among heart patients.
-Sudden paleness can be a result of reduced blood flow due to a heart that’s not pumping blood as effectively as it should be.
-People with eczema were found to have a 48% chance of suffering from high blood pressure and a 29% possibility of having high cholesterol.
-Sometimes it’s exhausting just to perform even the simplest tasks, like making the bed or taking a shower before a heart attack.
-People experience flu-like symptoms, have clammy skin, and sweat regardless of the air temperature or physical exertion.

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