New Google earth for Android – 3d maps

3d statelite view on Google earth .

New Google Earth App import KML KMZ files

Early in this video I say KMX, I meant KMZ, KML apologies. Have the New Earth App and see My Places with Import KML, KMZ and not sure what they does, then watch this video…

On desktop, visit then left MENU, My Places

More info at or at this post that gives link to Google Earth Blog 3D Mesh file.. find link next to text, ”find file in 7th pragraph… HERE IT IS…”

HELP at ‘View KML files on Android’
You can use your Android device to see KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files, which show geographic data such as paths or points of interest. Learn more about KML files.

Open KML files
On your Android device, open the Google Earth app.
From the left-hand menu, tap Google Drive. If prompted, sign in to your Google Account.
In Google Drive, find and tap the KML file in the left panel.
Turn visibility on or off for the layer.

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How to Use Google Earth App On Android Smartphone

How to Use Google Earth App On Android Smartphone Google Earth App On The HTC One MAX Android Smartphone How to use Google Earth in phone Speak Khmer
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Sanath pc takes a MAAC session on VFX breakdowns of his various hits.

Sanath pc is giving lecture on vfx to all the MAAC center’s


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Google Earth on Android –

Phil takes a look at Google Earth on the Nexus One, running Android 2.1.
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Best New Features of Google Earth | Google Navigation Maps 3D 

Best New Features of Google Earth | Google Navigation Maps 3D 

The Google Earth 9.0 is available on the web in Chrome
and on Android starting this week. You can grab the APK here if you can’t wait.


Google said that iOS version and support for other browsers on the web will be available in near future without giving a time frame.

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Budget Hackintosh Video Editing Build 2017

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