NEW SAFE JOYSTICK Spoof for Android! Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer FREE (November 2018)

The 100% Safe Pokemon go spoofing hack for ANDROID. Ever wanted to spoof in pokemon go?

Well now you can with Fake GPS GO Location SPOOFER FREE, simply download the app
on the play store and it will work, this video is a guide on how to use Fake GPS GO Location SPOOFER FREE to spoof for pokemon go.

The checklist:
1. High accuracy turned on. (More stuff on it in video for errors)
2. Disable Device Admins.
3. Downgrade google play services and maps.
4. Prevent auto update.
5. Enable Mock Locations.
6. Clear Cache and DATA
7. Check the 2 discord links for help and information!

r/spoofertrades for all your spoofing trading needs!

My Discord:

Useful Links:

Google play services link:

Google play services 12.6.85:

FGL Pro Store Link-

FGL Pro No ADs #1-

FGL Pro No Ads #2-*

If you are having issues with FGL Pro Try

My name is urscrewed, and i hope you enjoy the video.

Thanks for watching! 🙂

Pokemon Go | 7 Hidden Tricks, Tips and Secrets

**Yes I know of Multiple Pokemon transfer. That was updated AFTER this video was uploaded to YouTube.**
Here are 7 hidden tips, tricks and secrets that will help you master your game of Pokemon Go. As for the Filled Dex, it is the released USA Dex.

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Top 10 Rarest Shiny Pokemon of All Time!

► Check out my Top 10 Playlist!
► Watch the Top 10 Rarest Things in Pokemon!
Ever wonder what shiny Pokemon is the rarest of them all? Well, in this video I go over the Top 10 Rarest Pokemon of All Time! Ranging from Pokemon GO, to the Pokemon TCG, to even Pokemon from the console games! Who will take the crown in this epic comparison of all shiny Pokemon? Find out now!
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Pokemon GO Trailer:
Pokemon Yellow Gameplay:
Pokemon Yellow Trading:
Pokemon TCG Gameplay:
Pokemon Stadium Challenge Cup:
Pokemon Stadium Werster Clip:
Pokemon Crystal Gameplay:
Pokemon Crystal Egg Gameplay:
Pokemon Crystal Shiny Eevee:
Pokemon Crystal Ruins of Alph:
Pokemon Crystal Shiny Magikarp:
Pokemon Crystal Celebi Gameplay:
Pokemon Crystal Shiny Celebi:
Pokemon Crystal Mobile Trade Center:
Pokemon Crystal Mobile System Picture:
Pokemon Emerald Gameplay:
Pokemon Colosseum Gameplay:
Pokemon Colosseum Entei Gameplay:
Pokemon Colosseum Opening:
Pokemon HeartGold Gameplay:
Pokemon HeartGold Red Gyarados:
Pokemon Platinum Gameplay:
Pokemon Platinum Gameplay 2:
Pokemon Ranger Gameplay:
Pokemon X and Y Shiny Magikarp:

Shiny Umbreon in Thumbnail:
Gardevoir Shrug Art:
Party Hat Pichu Art:
Shiny Magikarp Plush:
Shiny Magikarp Plush 2:
Shiny Magikarp Plush 3:
Skeleton Sprite Art:
GS Ball Sprite Art:
Shiny Quilava Picture:

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🎵 Songs in Order by the Video 🎵

Track: Flexxus – Waves

Sonic Adventure 2 – Escape from the City [Remix]

Lazy Town We are Number One Music Video

Lynn Music – Boulangerie – from YouTube

🎵 Outro Music 🎵
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Gengar Special Raid Day has been announced for next weekend! Gengar will have two new exclusive moves: Lick and Psychic, but are they worth keeping? Is it worth raiding on Gengar day? Plus news about Meltan’s evolution Melmetal, Adventure Sync mode in Pokemon GO, and November community day featuring Cyndaquil!

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How to Autowalk with FGL Pro in Pokemon Go! Complete Guide with PROOF (August 2018)

This video will show you how to auto walk with fgl pro for pokemon go! auto walking has never been easier, hatch those eggs and catch that celebi, a whole new hack method has arrived.

My Discord:

Well now you can with FGL PRO, simply download the app
on the play store and it will work, this video is a guide on how to use FGL PRO
Spoofing for pokemon go using Fake GPS GO Location SPOOFER FREE has never been easier

-How to downgrade google play services
-How to stop google play services updating
-How to use fgl pro
-How to spoof with no bans

Google play services link:

Google play services 12.6.85:

FGL Pro:

—————————————— CHECKLIST ——————————————

NOT everyone can spoof.

New apk, new bans with it, New fgl pro app with no bans. 115.2 is safe and update isnt forced yet.
FGL Pro is the only app i recommend as i use it personally.

Cannot spoof android below android 5.2 unless root, or is too new. which is now a bannable offence.

Download fgl pro. dont open.
Go to security settings, disable device admins. Stops your android from detecting that you are spoofing.
My version is currently 12.8.74. (0404080) Numbers behind dont matter.
If you have a newer phone you may not be able to find it. Thus you are kinda screwed.
Uninstall google play services

See you afterwards.

Link in description below for apkmirror website of 12.6.85.
If cant install, try force stopping, clear cache/ data of google play services, disable google play services while installing, turn off phone and restart.
Make sure it is the correct the version or else it will glitch out.

Clear cache and data of maps.
Disable auto updates, disable google PLAY store not SERVICES.
Open developer mode, fgl pro as mock app.
other apps are unsafe and can detect if you have mock locations on.

open fgl pro, allow permissions.
error 11 fixes, try all methods, use data instead of wifi. move joystick, normal to have random popups

error 12 fixes, STOP SPOOFING, your phone may not be compatible, enable secure mocking, make sure app is selected.

LOG in error, if it is stuck halfway, reset poke go, reinstall, restart phone.
log in infinite: relog. If not your phone may not be compatible to spoof on.

YES lag when moving joystick is normal, just deal with it.


My name is urscrewed, and i hope you enjoy the video.


My Discord:

Thanks for watching! 🙂

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