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जादू सिखें मिट्टी से सिन्दूर और रंग बनाने वाला learn how to make clay color magic

Dhul se sindur banane wala jadu ka.
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I’m not a Robot | What is CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA ? | How Does CAPTCHA Works in HINDI

Hey Guys,
In this video i’ll explain you what is CAPTCHA & How reCAPTCHAs work & Why even we a need Captcha on World Wide Web.
How Google reCAPTCHA: I’m not a robot works ? Why we have to fill captcha on each online web forms using check boxes.
What is the history of this Captcha: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.
reCAPTCHA: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots, Google No Captcha Benefits.
You’ll get to know the working of Captcha in Hindi, Benefits of Captcha on Internet.
When you surf internet you’ll find checkboxes like: “I’m not a robot?”
In this video, I’ll explain you how these check-boxes, No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHAs works and why even they exist, How it secures Websites, Blogs, WordPress sites.

Google Privacy Issue:
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Queries Solved:
1) What is Captcha or reCaptcha in Hindi
2) Working of CAPTCHA on websites
3) History of these check boxes called: Captcha
4) How IRCTC website is prevented using NLP Captcha
5) Different types of Captcha: Facebook, Google, NLP, etc.
6) Why we should use Captcha on our Websites, Blogs, WordPress sites
7) reCAPTCHA v3: The new way to stop bots
8) How these Captcha works to prevent Robots, Bots online with practical example

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New Best Lifestyle Android Apps || Useful For All Android Mobile || By Hamesha Seekho.

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देख कर रोने मत लगना दुनिया के 10 सबसे गरीब देश//10 poorest countries in the world

All credit goes to the right owner of the video clip ______________________________________

Top poorest countries in the world

10 poorest countries in the world

World poorest countries

poorest countries facts in Hindi


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Thukra Ke Mera Pyar _ New Heart Touching Emotional Video Song 2018 || Mera Intkam Dekhegi _ Sad Song

Thukra Ke Mera Pyar _ New Heart Touching Emotional Video Song 2018 || Mera Intkam Dekhegi _ Sad Song

Aa… o…
Jo dil mein bhara tune
Dekhegi uss zeher ko
Bhugtegi mere gham ko
Meri aah ke kahar ko
Apni khudgarzi ka ab anzaam dekhegi

Thukra ke mera pyaar
Mera intkam dekhegi
Thukra ke mera pyaar
Mera intkam dekhegi

Chahat ka sila zaalim
Matlab hi diya tune
Majboor na thi phir bhi
Dhokha kiya tune

Nafrat ko meri ab tu
Subah shaam dekhegi
Thukra ke mera pyaar
Mera intqam dekhegi

Thukra ke mera pyaar
Mera intqam dekhegi…

Tune har sitam jo mujhpe
Kuch soch ke kiya
Kudrat ne sila uska
Aakhir tujhe diya hai

Duniya shikast teri sar-e-aam dekhegi
Thukra ke mera pyar mera intqam dekhegi
Thukra ke mera pyar Mera intqam dekhegi

Ga ga sa ga ga sa ni sa
Sa ni sa ni dha pa
Ga ga sa ga ga sa ni sa
Sa sa sa sa… (x2)

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All Right to above Music Label & No Copyrights Infringement intended.

​All rights reserved to the respective Owners​
#intekam #sadstory #revenge #meraintekam

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