Nexus 6P Update 7.1.2 (beta), What’s new?

This is a quick look at the Nexus 6P 7.1.2 (beta) update. Not much new here in the beta update. Hopefully the official update will have more. Check out the video.

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after a long wait the Android Nougat 7.1.2 was released for Nexus 6P. At the time of production of this video the build was still a beta. The biggest disappointment has to be the lack of fingerprint reader gestures.

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Google Pixel Vs. Nexus 6P (2017)

A huge question that no one asks. My answer to which is better.

6P Samples:

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Turn the Nexus 6P into a Pixel XL!

This video shows a Nexus 6P that was turned into a Pixel XL by rooting and flashing two zips thanks to Gadget Hacks! The Nexus is completely turned into a Pixel! Check out the video to see more!

How to Get Pixel-Exclusive Features on Nexus 6P [Root Required]
Full Tutorial:

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Nexus 6P 2017 Review!

Nexus 6P 2017 Review! Still worth buying? Let’s find out.

★★Buy Nexus 6P – US –

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Updating Custom ROMs (Pure Nexus)


I am not responsible for any damage caused or any data lost. Please make sure you understand the procedure and also make backups of anything important!

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Unlocked Bootloader
Basic comprehension


Nexus USB Drivers (Windows):
– Tutorial on installing drivers:

Getting platform-tools (adb & fastboot):

Checksum Calculator:

As an example of what I’m using, Pure Nexus:

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