Nexus Player Android TV Review

Nexus Player
My 4K TV
Amazon Fire TV is a very good player too and has Ethernet and optical audio
USB adapter
Game controller for Nexus Player

Pros and Cons (more coming soon)

Very nice user interface
Excellent voice search
Smart phone app
Navigation is very easy and looks good
Gaming is easy. Just connect controller and go or use the remote
You can install apps
Most apps work and look very good
Voice search works in Plex too
Good price
Kodi (XBMC) can be installed for Nexus Player
Turns out he USB port is fully functional. You can connect storage to it (more in the next video)

No Ethernet
No optical audio out
8GB of flash I’d be glad to pay more for 16 or 32GBs.
Voice search doesn’t work in all apps
Navigation works from a distance but voice search doesn’t work as well far away. Luckily the phone app does.

Final thoughts:
Figured out how to install Kodi (XBMC) on Nexus player. It works well. I’ll add a video soon. Over all I really like the Nexus player and Its just going to get better from here. When the Chromecast first came out it was not very useful. One year later its a must have device for every TV. I think this player will have thousands of apps by next year. Its off to a great start for only being available for a few weeks. I love the direction this player is going with the sweet UI and excellent voice search. I would be glad to pay up to $199 for something with much greater specs and possible 4k output.

Kodi works. Here is the version I used
Like me on Facebook and I’ll show some screen shots of Kodi (XBMC0 installed. The install technique takes a little bit of time so I’ll make a video soon

Asphalt 8
Dispicable me Minion Rush
Riptide 2 GP

I bought my music here

Nexus Player: The Best Cheapest Android TV

With this nexus player, and many other brands running android tv, you can download apps, games, and emulators to play old school console games. I will make another video soon on how to get other movie apps for free and Nintendo emulators to run on your Android TV.

Of course this is also a Chromecast, so you can cast or mirror your phones screen on the Nexus player aka Android TV. Lot’s of cool videos to be made with this thing. It’s a great device, $50-$100 price range.

Get it here (currently $49.99)

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Minix X8-H Plus 4K Media Player Review

$5 off coupon code TC2MINIX for the Minix X8-H Plus with A2 lite remote (Just enter promo code at the payment screen).
Minix NEO X8-H Pluse with M1 remote
Great price on the Minix X8-H Plus without M1 remote
Minix A2 Lite remote
Lexar 128 GB USB 3.0 thumb drive – insanely cheap right now
My router, really fast w my X8-H Plus
27 inch monitor from the video
128 GB for X8 (high speed for 4k video) Remote+ Great remote

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GoogleTV remote app
Nova laucher
Firmware update for the X8-H Plus
Be sure to read the directions there are different methods depending which version is already on your box.

Pros and Cons:
coming soon

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Itro & Tobu – Cloud 9 [NCS Release]
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How to Watch Cable TV for FREE on ANY Android Device[EASY&WORKING]
A tutorial that explains on you can really watch free TV with more than 200 channels like HBO, Showtime, FOX, CBS, ESPN, and lots more on any Android phone or tablet.
NOTE: not all channels are guaranteed to work 24/7 due to many variables including location, time, blackouts and other restrictions may affect channel availability. Most of the channels will work regardless.

ASK any questions, concerns you may have. I respond to ALL comments and messages! All suggestions and feedback are welcomed! Keep tuned in for more videos soon!
Thanks for watching and feel free to comment and like.

Email me!

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Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV vs Roku 3 vs Google Chromecast – Full Comparison

Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV vs Roku 3 vs Google Chromecast – Full Comparison

The race to claim a spot in your living room is on! Apple, Google, Roku, and now Amazon are all on board. Watch and see how these top media device stack up against one another.

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Cheapo Tech: Fix Google Nexus Player Remote Control Not Working Issue

If you have a GNP, and the remote control is not responding to any button press, or the LED light keeps blinking/flashing, it’s because the remote control lost link to the main unit. The remote is a Bluetooth device. So in this case you need to re-pair the remote to the base. This video will show you how.
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