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The NKJV Bible for Android

The FASTEST Bible app and most efficient way to read & study the Bible. Quickly navigate to any verse and easily access tools to help further your understanding of the Bible. Over 5 million downloads on both iOS and Android, and over 400,000 people reading their Bibles each week!

The New King James Version Bible attempts to update the vocabulary and grammar of the King James Version, while preserving the classic style and beauty of the 1611 version. The NKJV is a completely new, modern translation of Scripture that retains the purity and stylistic beauty of the original King James. The NKJV uses more contemporary English rather than the Jacobean English used in the King James Bible.

Read and study the Bible anywhere—for free. Customize your NKJV Bible with reading plans, notes, highlights, and bookmarks that sync on every device. Add 100+ free Christian eBooks, study tools, devotionals and Bibles.

Holy Bible, New King James Version, NKJV is growing in popularity owing to its simple and easy to understand English.

Get a free Holy Bible NKJV that works completely free offline that does not drain your mobile data bundles/broadband data.

This is a FREE version of the English NKJV Offline Bible – NKJV (New King James Bible is one of the most preferred translations of the Holy Scriptures. For many years, this has been one of the most used and widely read versions of the English Holy Scripture.

The NKJV Bible App comes with an elegant design plus easy-to-use user interface that makes it the most ideal Bible App for Offline Bible study as well as best for personal bible reading use. NKJV Bible is fully offline and does not require any connectivity or internet connection to either access or read the bible content.
The Application comes with all the books of the Old and the New Testaments.

What is more interesting is how you interact with the App. With variety of Bible Study tools, reading the Holy Scriptures will never be the same again.. Get the App now and enjoy reading the word of God at the comfort of your phone for FREE,

The New King James Version (NKJV) is a modern translation of the Bible

Why I Use The NKJV Study Bible

This is a short overview of why I will transityion into using the NKJV bible as I proceed making videos on this channel. Many people believe that the KJV is the ONLY anointed or ONLY correct version of the Bible. Some take it to the extreme in making every word and verse to be the: “Absolute and only correct translation into English avaILABLE TO US tODAY…It is the ONLY version that God has his presence in.” – These extreme viewpoints deny the fact that ALL versions of the Bible were handled by man from gathering of texts to translation and even to book placement AND what books “made it” and which did not. Having such trust in mankind over one version of a book can be considered making , in this case, the KJV bile an “idol”. The bible itself describes that we are to study all things to see if they are so! This includes studyinh when and where and who added, deleted, or modified certain scriptures and even complete books. Whenever an kidol is made in the heart, TRUTH becomes the victim. Please set apart any pride or previous indoctrination by the “ordained” in this matter and use your own brain to see if THIS, what I write above, is so. God does not want you to be a robot which swallows up everyting a preacher or denomination preaches. In fact, we individually are commanded to study these things for ourselves.

I can be contacted dorectly now at : nofakereligion@gmail.com

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Why the King James Only

A defense of the King James Bible in light of modern versions. Exposes the Satanic conspiracy against the KJV by liberal scholars and the three main lies they use to put down the King James Bible. Also tells you where to get more info to study on why the KJV is the Bible for you, and why it’s the only inerrant, infallible, perfect preserved word of God in English
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Here’s all the proof you will ever need.
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Thanks Calciumboy!

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New King James vs King James Bible

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