Now KW88 & ALL Kingwear Android Smartwatches support REAL tethered Bluetooth Phone Calls!!

You heard it right! Happy Halloween! That’s the day the Round Android Smartwatches tech team released their game changing video revealing that NOW you REALLY can have regular Bluetooth phone calling from your Kingwear Android watch through your phone to anyone you want to call. You can receive calls, too! This turns your Android standalone phone into a true Dual Mode (standalone and tethering) device.

Instructional video:

So will this work for your Android phone if it’s not Kingwear? Perhaps. The tech team indicates in their first posting about this on the Proboards (shown in the video) that the new AllCall W1watch is supported along with a newly released H2 smartwatch.

What about others? Is it here? is it coming? Is there an .apk to download and in stall? All great questions, none of which I am prepared to answer. So both here and in the comments below, I will direct you to the Proboards to pursue your answers. Here’s my copy-and-paste reply to all of you:

Join the “Round Android Watches Proboard” here: 
Simply set up a free account, explore the various sections available to you, and jump in. There are many watch users and technical experts discussing just about everything related to smartwatches. From general watch questions you’ll find many answers in the extensive FAQs as well. Need the latest watch firmware for your model? Click here:
Want to do Bluetooth tethered calling from your Android smartwatch? Click here:
Watch this video to learn how to set it up properly:

Many thanks to the entire Round Android Smartwatches tech team, and especially to Pablo11, who has worked tirelessly in the background on our behalf (even flying to China for a couple of weeks to meet and work with the firmware folks and watch makers for quality improvement).

Featured watch face on KW99: “OceanLevelAR” from Al Rod, available here:

Please please please everyone, take time to watch the new video listed above on this Bluetooth tethering. Check out their other videos as well, as they are all tech based to improve your smartwatch experience:

Then definitely subscribe! You’ll be first to know about new stuff related to smartwatches as put together by the Proboards team!!!

Thank you all for your continued support!

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KingWear KW88 SLEEK Android 5.1 Round Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

KW88 Coupon: KW88SP to get it for $99.99 Use these links:
This watch has been provided by Kingwear for review and Gearbest as a platform for creation of custom watch faces. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to Gearbest for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this KW88 smartwatch, please use the links listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review and use for development for you in the future. Thanks!

If you are interested in purchasing five or more of these KW88 (or any other Kingwear watches), contact Kingwear directly:
Shenzhen Kingwear Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact:Zoe Chan
Skype: lovezoe0502
WhatsApp:+86-159 1949 0502


Today we continue revealing another of the Round style of Android 5.1 watches, the KingWear KW88. This one has a camera installed and looks real nice.

We recommend some excellent sources for more information on this watch. The full G+ tech team each have their own KW88 watches and have had time to evaluate them. You can read their thoughts, suggestions, and responses to questions from each of these sources.

G+ Community

XDA Developers Forums

There will be lots of questions, no doubt, about tethering, standalone SIM operation, fitness interface, and more. For first hand answers to your burning questions, please ask them on the G+ Community and XDA Forum websites. I can answer some, but I may refer you over there if was you ask is outside my expertise. We are a team doing this, and my piece is preparing and hosting these videos. We may have someone else take over responding to your questions so you get the best answers.

Here’s a direct link to the manufacturer’s website as well:

And here’s a comment from Zoe!
Zoe Chan:
haha, it will be getting better. and more nice package box with manuals and screen protector.

As always, thanks for watching, and please consider subscribing here on YouTube and at both the G+ and XDA sites.

UPDATE 2017-02-02: WOW! Check out this video!

Here is a relatively complete list of recommended Apps for Android watches:

How to pair your KW88 to your phone from Gearbest


Alexandre Vilarinho
Hello, my friend. I’ve decided to go for a nice model (you’ve done the review of it), the King Wear KW88. I decided to buy a used one, so I could test it in person with my specific earphones (due to my particular purpose for the watch). I have to say… it works perfectly! The image on the watch is amazing and the quality on the BT earphones is pretty stable. There’s a spec for you to share on some future videos, perhaps So, my quest if finally over 🙂 I can now enjoy my new watch. Thank you so much for all your help and a big “HELLO” from overseas 🙂

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Kingwear KW88 vs LEMFO Y3 – Which should you buy?

Which watch should you buy, Kingwear KW88 or LEMFO Y3? When you decide, please use the appropriate link and coupon below to place your order, get a good price, and support our channel. If this video was helpful, please give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to our SmartWatchTicks channel. Thanks!

Kingwear KW88

KW88 currently on Gearbest Flash Sale for $99.99 Use these links:


Gearbest Buying Link: Flash Sale Price $89.99
LEMFO Aliexpress Buying Link:
LEMFO Amazon Buying Link: 10% Discount Claim Code KWPEFRQG (Start Date 02/07/2017 12:01 AM PST / End Date 02/14/2017 11:59 PM PST)

For more detailed information, please check out these other SmartWatchTicks videos:



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Kingwear KW99 Android 5.1 Smartwatch: Prototype Review (Now Available for Sale)

The KW99 is starting to appear in our partner’s stores now. Prelaunch/Preorder/Presale is usually the best time to buy for the lowest price.
Banggood Preorder:
Gearbest Presale:

The next generation of Kingwear watches will bear the name KW99. It is in final testing and will be released this fall. Today we take a look at an early prototype with original firmware. Final production firmware will be updated soon, we are told, and I’ll be back to show you that along with an overall comparison of the KW99 with the KW98 and original KW88 smartwatches.

For all the technical specs and tests for this watch, be sure to view this video: “Kingwear KW99 / ZioyTop JM01 / IQI I4 Smartwatch Technical Overview”

Custom watch faces featured here have been provided by Al Rod, who is on a roll right now with large digit digital designs. You can see all his stuff here:

Technical support for Android watches in available through the Proboards. Join the “Round Android Watches Proboard” here: 

Simply set up a free account, explore the various sections available to you, and jump in. There are many watch users and technical experts discussing just about everything related to smartwatches. From general watch questions you’ll find many answers in the extensive FAQs as well.

Need the latest watch firmware for your model? Click here:

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Googles Android Wear Smartwatch (New features) Answering phone calls made easy.

Google Now Smartwatch Update looks pretty nice. If you really never used your smartwatch to answer your phone. you might want to check out this update. Android smartwatches just keep getting better and better.

Please watch: “LG, Motorola,& Huawei Put Smartwatches on Hold. Smartwatch Deals On Amazon & Best Buy”

Channel: Huck’s World
Published: 2016-04-12 02:55:04
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