NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2017) Unboxing

After a lot of back and forth with FedEx (thanks, Snowpocalypse), the new SHIELD TV from NVIDIA is here! Before we can post a review, though, we’ve got to unbox it! Let’s do this!


Nvidia Shield 2017 second generation unboxing and quick look

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Published: 2017-01-16 15:52:51
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Unboxing Weird and Random Stuff From Amazon

My last video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLgI_ZONewg
In today’s video, we’ll be unboxing a huge haul of weird and random stuff i bought online.
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Nvidia Shield TV 2017 vs original Shield TV: What’s new?

Nvidia Shield TV 2017 vs original Shield TV: We compare the new Shield TV with Nvidia’s first model, to see what the difference is.

We still love the original Nvidia Shield TV, an ideal home streamer for gamers. You can stream games from your PC to the Shield TV and even play the latest titles via Nvidia’s servers using the GeForce Now service, while 4K HDR video streaming is now supported.

The new Shield TV 2017 features a refreshed design, new features and overhauled controllers. In this Nvidia Shield TV 2017 vs original Shield TV comparison, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Nvidia’s new streaming box, including full specs, what’s changed and the UK release info.

For all you need to know about the Nvidia Shield TV 2017, including specs, what you get in the box, UK price and release date and how it compares to the original Shield TV, check out our feature:


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New NVIDIA Shield Android TV 2017 REVIEW

The review of the 2nd generation of the NVIDIA Shield Android TV.

Find this on AMAZON: http://geni.us/2CWAuBA

In this video i will show you the most important information about the new Nvidia Shield with Android TV so you can make an informed purchasing decision. I will also show you the Benchmark results for the Antutu Benchmark, Geekbench 4 testing apps.
I have also checked the speeds over WIFI and over a wired connection. I have also checked if DTS and DD work good on it.

Other TV Boxes i have recently reviewed: leelbox m9s, Sammix R95S, Nexsmart D32, T-95P, MXIIII-G II, T95, Zen Box, LeelBox M9S Pro, Zidoo X9S, Alfawise S92, KM8 Pro, MXQ Plus, Beelink GT1, Beelink Mini MXIII II, T95Z Plus, Xiaomi Mi Box, T95U Pro, MXIII-G, X96 TV Box and many more. Make sure you check all of them out.

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[Cowcot TV] Présentation Nvidia Shield TV

En partenariat avec LDLC : http://www.ldlc.com
High-Tech Experience

Notre site : http://www.cowcotland.com

Une petite stream box et console par Nvidia

Channel: Cowcotland
Published: 2017-01-16 21:15:58
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