Offline King James Audio Bible Mobile ANDROiD App Review and Tutorial

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it is packed with extra features!
King James Bible – KJV Bible, Free Holy Bible App, the best King James Bible – KJV Bible studying tool, is the standard bible translation highly popular among Christians. Finished in 1611, the translation is true to the original Greek meaning. King James Bible – KJV Bible, Free Holy Bible App is the one that gets you closest to God. King James Bible – KJV Bible, Free Holy Bible App with easy navigation between verses: You are attending a worship service at a church and the pastor is really fast in his teaching. He is talking about some verses from different books and different chapters. You want to be with him but there is no Wi-Fi. King James Bible – KJV Bible, Free Holy Bible App is the top choice for studying bible, it allows you to quickly jump to the exact verse in the KJV translation with a simple design even if there is no internet access. In a word, King James Bible – KJV Bible, Free Holy Bible App prevents you from getting lost in the pastor’s teaching at a church service. KJV Bible – King James Bible have many great features, please enjoy it! Reading KJV Bible – King James Bible everyday, get closer to GOD.
ead KJV, Online And Offline


Catch up where you left off with a simple bookmark.


Mark favorite verses in different colors and manage them in the highlight tab from the side menu.


Write down your own thoughts and keep them absolutely private to you.

4.Font Adjustment

Choose the font sizes, colors, styles and line spacings you want.

5.Offline Bible

6. Quick access Bible
Access King James Bible anytime anywhere by swiping screen corner.

7. Featured Verses
Show a featured verse after calling end.

Access almost all features in KJV Bible without internet connection.

Study KJV

1.Verse of the day

Off to a good start with an inspiring verse from KJV each day.

2.Reading plans

A large and increasing pool of reading plans to help you grow in your understanding of God’s words.

Share KJV

1.Easy verse copying and pasting.

2.Share verses via multiple platforms with ease, like Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Weibo, WhatsApp, Skype, etc..

King James Bible – KJV Bible, Free Holy Bible App keeps God’s teaching at your fingertips. A pocket bible, a bible on the go. Now get started on this exciting journey and spend some private time with God!

4 MUST HAVE Phone Apps for Quick and Easy Bible Study!!

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What phone APPS are you using for your Bible study? We all desire to be more consistent with our Bible study but sometimes life happens and we get busy. In this video I’m going to share with you my top 4 favorite APPS that I use all the time to have a quick, easy and more consistent Bible study when I’m busy and on-the-go.


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Wonder Bible Audio Player w/ USB Cable King James Version on QVC

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सुबह की प्रार्थना Morning Prayer

सुबह की प्रार्थना Morning Prayer
This prayer may be watched as many times as you like to. You may view this prayer daily for seeking blessings for encouragement, peace, strength, guidance and support. As you watch it say the words mentally or out loud and just enjoy the video and release all expectations both positive and negative and then see what shows up in your life that is a Blessing and Miracle. It is only of 2.5 minutes duration, so open your heart with this prayer and allow your mind to accept this is real and believe it is working for you!!!
May God Bless You!
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Enjoy the video.

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Review King James Version Easy Read KJVER Sword Bible

Pastor Steve Waldron, New Life of Albany – Albany, Ga

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Peace Of Mind [Audio Bible Scriptures to Harp] Soothing and calming Peace of Mind bible scriptures, check it out.

I wanted to share scriptures with you relating to peace of mind. I meditate on these scriptures and they have blessed me in my life and may the word of God do the same for you.

Click the link below to check out the church family that I belong to in London.

Watch live 12.30 GMT every Sunday and 18.30 GMT every first Sunday of the month

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Download mp3 audio bible scriptures like this one please go to – or

God Bless You.

MichMich x

I do not own any of the music, sounds or images

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