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10 Video Game Records That Will Never Be Broken

Constant evolution is a part of human nature and thus people have taken a great liking towards the Guinness Book of Records, the publication that indexes all the exceptional things in the world. As gaming has become more and more influential as a medium it was impossible to stay away from the tempting domain of record breaking achievements. In what follows, we will be showcasing 10 amazing video game records that are quite impossible to break.

Thumbnail: Okan Kaya, Australian Gamer who played Call Of Duty For 135 Hours.

Narrator: Davide Arbisi

Channel: FragHero
Published: 2017-05-07 15:13:40
Duration: 6M39S
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Only 1 app that can hack any game !!😎not luckypatcher

Asphalt 8
App link

App can be found in gogle chrome

Ac market-the hacing app

Channel: MR. haramzada
Published: 2017-06-04 13:46:18
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10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated

Ever since the beginning of video gaming, people have been finding ways to unfairly gain the upper hand by employing various tricks. Sometimes these cheaters manage to get away unpunished, but there are situations when they are caught red handed and shamefully exposed in front of the entire gaming community. Without further ado, here are 10 times that hackers, match-fixers, aimbot-users, and even screen-cheaters got caught and were publicly humiliated for their appalling actions.

Gameplay 4:54 undercoverdudes

Narrator: Davide Arbisi

Channel: FragHero
Published: 2017-05-09 22:37:33
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Watch this hacker break into a company

Social engineers, or people hackers, specialize in getting you to share information you shouldn’t — like personal details that could lead to a password being stolen. Laurie Segall reports.
Channel: CNNMoney
Published: 2016-06-02 00:06:37
Duration: 2M56S
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