One Trick to Cast Android Screen to PC without root

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Casting your Android Screen to PC without root.
MirrorGo – Screen capture for recording your device’s screen to video.
MirrorGo is the new and best way ever to mirroring your Android device screen to PC seamlessly. Start using your favorite mouse and keyboard to take full control of Android phone on PC right now!

★ Enjoy bigger screen

Seamlessly Android to PC mirror makes it possible to get best game experience by playing Android games on a much bigger screen. Easily take real-time Android screen and watch videos, pictures from desktop. Fully compatible with all of the Android applications available in Android app markets.

★ Capture, record and share your Android screen

Capture real-time Android screen snapshot and record screen history. Easily save and share the Android screen records with your friends. Support all Android devices, no root access.

★ Receive Android notifications on PC

Receive all notifications of Android phone simultaneously on desktop without picking up your phone. View notifications and messages including Call, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, etc.

★ MirrorGo Input Method

Type in and send messages using your computer’s keyboard easily.

★ Sync files between PC and Android devices

Drag and drop files to transfer photos, videos and more between Android devices and PC.

★ [Start MirrorGo]

➣1. Install the MirrorGo APK file on your Android device..
➣2. Download and install MirrorGo on PC from
➣3. Launch MirrorGo on computer and connect Android device to PC via Wi-Fi or USB cable connection.
You can now start mirroring.

How To CAST Android Mobile Phone Screen to PC Laptop

Hi, this video shows you how to Cast an Android Mobile Cell Phone to a PC & Laptop Computer running Windows 10. it is ideal if you want to share pictures & videos on a larger screen or if you want to share what you are viewing on your Virtual Reality Headset with others in the room to make it more sociable. It will stream the picture and sound. The phone will need to be connected via WiFi to the same network as the laptop or PC you want to stream to. Your Laptop and PC can be connected via Ethernet as long as it is the same network (same Router) as the WiFi your mobile cell phone is connected to.
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how to cast mobile screen to pc🔥🔥🔥2017 NEW trick

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how to use —
MirrorGo is a very useful tool for Windows that lets you manage your Android straight from your PC or laptop. This program is very handy for using all your mobile’s tools or games. 

The first thing you need to do is to connect Android and Windows via a USB cable and follow the instructions given on the screen. Once both devices are synced, you’ll see your smartphone on the screen and will have all its content available. You won’t have to touch your device again, since you’ll be controlling it with the mouse and keyboard, with no limitations whatsoever while moving freely through all the areas on your device.

This tool is different from Android emulators in two ways: the first being that you can access all of your memory, both internal and external, and all the other functions by simply connecting the cable. Navigate your folders with just a single click of the mouse. The other difference with MirrorGo is that it’s much more stable than other tools that emulate operating systems as it projects the app’s image on Windows, avoiding the errors this kind of tool typically has.

On the other hand, this program lets you enjoy your Android device with full screen, HD, and screenshots, and you can even record everything that happens. This feature will help you create your own tutorials and videos to share with your contacts or on social networks. Enjoy all your device’s features on a big screen with one simple, convenient tool.

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CAST Android Mobile Phone Screen to PC Laptop | 2017

Display Android Screen on PC without Root or USB cable on Window 10.
Hi, this video shows you how to use the CAST SCREEN feature on your ANDROID mobile phone to view the content on you phone on your TV WITHOUT using any wires. It is great for watching Youtube, Netflix and sharing your pictures/videos.
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Phone Companion App for Windows 10

Learn about the new Phone Companion app. Built-in to Windows 10, Phone Companion will help you connect your Windows PC to whatever phone you own– whether it’s a Windows phone, Android phone, or iPhone. Access your files, content and even Cortana from your PC or phone.
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A Simple Way To Mirror your Android Screen to PC and Mac OS

Want to know, how to display your android screen on laptop or Mac? Well, here is a simple way to cast Android screen on a computer.
Find detail analysis of all the apps, I mention in this video here.

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