OnePlus 3T, 3 months later: The best smartphone value on the market?

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The OnePlus 3T has been out for almost three months – and it seems to have held up well. Is it still the best smartphone value on the market, though? We think so.

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EL ONEPLUS 3T DE ANNA ¿Es la mejor opción?

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OnePlus 3T vs iPhone 7 Plus (SURPRISING RESULTS!)

OnePlus 3T:
iPhone 7 Plus:
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Previous video:

I was VERY surprised by some of my comparison tests for this video. The camera and screen tests really blew me away with some unexpected results.

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OnePlus 3T: Three Months Later

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10 Cool Things to do with Oneplus 3T!

Here are 10 cool things you can do with Oneplus 3T!

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OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Flagship killer vs Flagship

For three consecutive years, OnePlus has defied what a flagship should be, but the question is if it’s really good enough to stand against the best. Let’s be clear about some specifics first. The OnePlus 3T is not a premium mid-ranger. This is really what makes it special. We have a premium package of hardware and software being sandwiched into a beautiful phone that costs a lot less than your standard flagship. By standard flagship we’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. This is currently regarded as one of the best smartphones that money can buy in 2016, but we all know that it’s actually a lot of money.

Watch our full comparison to learn more.


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