OnePlus 5T Rumor Update: Camera & Headphone jack

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Samsung USB Charger Failure and Repair

In this video I’m examining and repairing my faulty USB phone charger (5V 1A switching power supply). It failed after 2 years of seldom use. I’ve drawn a partial schematic in the video. Full reverse engineered schematic of this charger is here:

Mains voltage is dangerous! Risk of electric shock and death. Risk of fire. Leave repairs to professionals. You do everything at your own risk. This video is not an instruction (this is just my vlog).

Channel: DiodeGoneWild
Published: 2017-09-15 09:03:48
Duration: 8M40S
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OnePlus 5T Another Wonder By OnePlus

OnePlus 5T is retain the internal specs of OnePlus 5, but come with some improvements for its dual rear cameras and battery.

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Channel: Gadget View
Published: 2017-11-03 13:13:33
Duration: 2M56S
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Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?

*Watch with headphones on!
Is 45 minutes really the longest anyone can stay in a perfectly silent, pitch-black room?
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Want to watch the whole hour of silence?

Many stories have circulated claiming the longest anyone has stayed in an ultra-quiet anechoic chamber is 45 minutes, the reason being any longer would drive you insane. To me this sounded like unsubstantiated rubbish, like the claim the Great Wall is the only manmade structure visible from space. So I put my own psyche on the line, subjecting myself to over an hour of the most intense quiet on Earth. No, this was not THE quietest room on Earth (-9dB) but it is one of the quietest, and the truth is once you put a person inside, they are by far the loudest thing in there so the sound rating of the room is irrelevant.

I was not surprised to find that I could stay in there for as long as I liked and feel perfectly fine. What was surprising is that my heartbeat was audible. You can hear it on the sound recording. Now I wasn’t consciously aware of the sound of my heart while in the room, but I was more aware of the feeling of it beating.

Huge thank you to everyone at BYU: Duane Merrell, Spencer Perry, Cameron Vongsawad, Jazz Myers, Ann Clawson, and Robert Willes.

Channel: Veritasium
Published: 2014-02-18 07:34:14
Duration: 10M33S
Views: 14115774
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OnePlus 5T – Latest Updates

OnePlus 5T is going to launch in a few days and here we have some recent updates about the device. The OnePlus 5T rumors suggest that the device will be only half an inch bigger than the OnePlus 5.

Thanks for watching and have a blessed day.

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Published: 2017-11-06 14:44:50
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