ONYX BOOX C67ML Carta+ eBook Reader 8GB Wi-Fi Android 4.22 E-ink Touch Screen

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200 DPI HD E-INK Screen with Full-Screen Touch Function
Support Multi Format DOCs and Install Android APPS To Extend Reading
Support WIFI 802.11 B/G/N, Open Browser, Download Ebooks, Read Online and Surf On Internet Freely and more faster
New A2 Quick Refresh Mode, Increase Refresh Rate by 200%
Fast Pageturn Without Screen Flash and Less Ghosting, Perfect For Fast Reading

Como actualizar el firmware del Dooku Paperwhite (Boox C67ML)

Boox C67ML (Dooku Paperwhite): Actualizacion del firmware.

Blog: continua-leyendo.blogspot.com
Twitter: @ContinuaLeyendo

Articulo: http://continua-leyendo.blogspot.com/2015/06/como-actualizar-el-firmware-del-dooku.html

Firmware: http://www.onyx-international.com/index.php/en/support/firmware/209-firmware-for-c67ml-v1-7-7-20150212

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Published: 2015-06-03 03:05:37
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הפעלה ראשונה + התקנת עברית ONYX-BOOX C67

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Onyx Boox C67ml Carta 6 Inch Eink ereader

Amazon-DE: http://aivee.space/gig1/2/de/B013RFDK6K/infos
First dual-core smart reader, using cortex A9 1.2g processor, further enhance the fluency and refresh rate.
A9 the and high-resolution Eink Screen, 1024*758212ppi-increased by 62% compared to regular screen; Sharper and clearer display of images and contents; 16 gray scale; 180visual angle ; More whiter background and blacker texts; smooth refreshment; no glare; Easy on eyes; best choice for reading.
Built-in Front Light Soft and evenly spread directly to the , bright but not glaring ; Brightness is adjustable and support turn off the completely; Any time is suitable for reading, night or day time.
new A2 mode increases the by 200%; fast pageturn, no flash and less ghost; Perfect for speed of documents; Hight-speed Wifi With Enhancement of module, open browser, connecting speed, you can books, online and surf on internet freely and faster.
Full-screen capacitive touch, operating your Boox by a simple tap : quick zoom in/out by 2 fingers , annotation , highlight , scribble , action at fingertips , accurate and fast.
ultra-slim and light, 8.7mm thick and 187 grams only; slim and portable, a mobile library in pocket.
Mechanical Buttons combination of and makes it easier to manage Boox.
back to exit the current to the Home ; Long press to the (only for C67ml), without interrupting the suddenly becomes dark.
Buttons of and it to to the to the ; to the
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Onyx Boox C65HD After Glow eBook olvasó kicsomagoló videó | Tech2.hu

Kicsomagoltuk az Androidot futtato, megvilagitassal is rendelkező ebook olvasot, az Onyx Boox C65HD After Glow modellt. http://tech2.hu | Facebook: http://goo.gl/CKkcc | Iratkozz fel http://goo.gl/UTSZD
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