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How to make an android app NO PROGRAMMING SKILLS NEEDED pt 1

This tutorial will show you how to create your very first android app with no programming skills. This is for the absolute beginner. I will explain everything that we will use, all of the code, etc.
Android Bundle: http://adf.ly/F72QO
My Website: http://adf.ly/2791882/site
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New Chromecast Unboxing and Setup!

Got the new Chromecast! I’ll show you what is in the box, compare it to the previous Chromecast and set it up.
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Music by Tobu; Colors

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Wifi Projects :Android Arduino Home Appliances Control using WiFi Module – ESP8266

Raspberry Pi | ESP8266 | Wi-Fi | Wifi Projects | Arduino | WiFi project | Home.

1. Android Arduino Wifi Control Devices with ESP8266 Module

2. ESP8266 Wi-Fi module Home Automation

3. Home Appliance Control Using Android

4. Home Automation using Raspberry Pi | Android WiFi Module

5. Control Sprinklers with Mobile App, Arduino, and wifi module


7. Wi-fi controlled Light on/off using Arduino and Wi-Fi module

8. Arduino Smart Home Automation | WiFi Home Automation

9. Android Bluetooth: Home Appliance Control Using Android

10. ESP8266 : How to Control Home Appliances over Wifi

11. WiFi Based Home Automation | ESP 8266 Wifi controlled Home

12. ESP8266 WiFi Control with Android App

13. WiFi project: ESP8266 Based Home Automation Using ARM7

14. Bluetooth controlled Home Appliances using Arduino – Arduino

15. Raspberry Pi: Home Automation Using WiFi ESP8266

16. WiFi Based Personal Health Monitoring System Using Android

17. DIY Android Bluetooth Home Automation Using Arduino

18. Wifi Projects :Android Arduino Home Appliances Control using WiFi Module – ESP8266

19. ESP 8266 Wifi controlled Home Automation

20. ESP8266 Projects – Instructables

21. Android and Arduino WiFi Control Home Devices with ESP8266

22. Wifi Remote Control Home Automation

23. Android Based Home Appliances Control Using Bluetooth Module / WiFi Module

24. [IOT] Controlling Home Appliances with ESP8266 and Android App

25. controlling-home-appliances-using-android-app

26. control home appliance using ESP8266 wifi chip and android app

27. Control a Lamp Remotely Using the ESP8266 WiFi Chip

28. ESP8266 Home Automation: MSP430 Based Android Home

29. Raspberry Pi Based Home Automation Using Bluetooth Android Smart

30. Can I control Arduino through internet or Android using WiFi module

31. Open Source Home Automation Project using Arduino UNO

32. ESP8266 Wi-Fi + Arduino upload to Xively

33. Home Automation For Dummies Wifi Controlled Home Automation

34. Top 5 Wireless Ways to Communicate with your Controller

35. Internet Controlled LED using ESP8266

36. Android Arduino Control: Arduino WiFi Control with ESP8266

37. Arduino RGB LED Controller using WiFi: Circuit Diagram and Code

38. ESP8266 internet connected switch (EasyIoT Cloud MQTT API)

39. ESP8266 Access Point using Arduino IDE

40. Wiring ESP8266 WiFi Transceiver on Arduino with Relay

41. Arduino WiFi Control (ESP8266) 0.4 APK Download – Android

42. How to Directly Program an Inexpensive ESP8266 WiFi Module

43. Arduino WiFi ESP8266 Intro Course

44. WIFI module ESP8266

45. Building a WiFi-connected weather station with an Android user

46. How to Make Two ESP8266 Talk with each other | Random

47. WIFI module ESP8266 for IoT

48. Android Arduino Home Appliances Control using WiFi Module

49. DIY Android Home Automation with free Smartphone Application – DIY


51. Wireless Home Automation using IOT (Internet Of Things)

52. Arduino WiFi Control (ESP8266) – Android Apps on Google Play

53. Design and Implementation of a WiFi Based Home Automation System

54. Home automation using arduino with wifi, bluetooth and IR remote

55. How to control home electrical appliances control through android

56. wifi based home automation using arduino

57. wifi based advanced home automation system

58. wifi based home automation ppt

59. home automation using wifi pdf

60. wifi based home automation system

61. esp8266 arduino home automation

62. home automation using esp8266 and arduino

63. home automation using arduino and wifi

64. Android arduino wifi control devices with esp8266 module

65. Arduino Based Home Appliance Control Using Android Phone

66. Monitor your home remotely using the Arduino WiFi Shield

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7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

Watch photographer Lorenz Holder give an iPhone photography tutorial in Munich, Germany, with some tips and tricks for all smartphone users! 

*UPDATE: New video! Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4uUj…

Join the Cooperative of Photography: http://www.cooph.com
Visit the COOPH store: http://store.cooph.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecooph
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Binoculars: http://amzn.to/2jeIE3y
Car foil screen: http://amzn.to/2jeFg8Z
iPhone earphones: http://amzn.to/2jeDXH0
iPhone: http://amzn.to/2jeOJgn

Camera – Nikon D4: http://amzn.to/2j0EH3N
Lens – Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm: http://amzn.to/2jYt8Kb
Editing Software – Final Cut Pro: http://amzn.to/2jezcgC
Editing Software – Adobe After Effects: http://amzn.to/2jsQdRt

By purchasing from the “amzn.to” links above, you will not incur any additional charges. We do however receive a small commission from Amazon, which helps us to keep doing what we love; bringing you creative, inventive and quality video content that will up your photography game!

Producer: Ulrich Grill, zooom productions (http://www.zooom.at)
Photographer: Lorenz Holder (http://instagram.com/lorenzholder) 
Models: Matthew Rycroft & Vincent Urban
Cinematography & Editing: Andrea Anderes

MUSIC: http://coo.ph/1G6BfZa

Channel: COOPH
Published: 2014-08-25 12:30:59
Duration: 3M8S
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How to Print from an Android Tablet or Phone

Hey, this video is just a quick tutorial on how to set up printing from an Android device. All you need is a home wifi network and your printers attached to the same network, but the printers can be connected wirelessly or by ethernet. Enjoy!
Channel: MagmaRhino
Published: 2011-10-14 20:53:56
Duration: 5M51S
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