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Kindle for Android: How to Side Load eBooks and PDFs Tutorial

This video shows how to get sideloaded ebooks to appear in the Kindle for Android app. You can use the Send to Kindle apps from a computer or use email to send ebooks, but if you just want to load a book that’s already on your device or downloaded with the browser this is how to get it into the Kindle Android app.

Works with PDFs, Mobi, and Amazon’s format ebooks.

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13.3 Ebook reader Onyx Boox Max PDF certification book reading and writing

My experience with reading a PDF book using the Onyx Boox Max and a PDF book CWNA. So far so good.
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File Manager: Storage Explorer for Android

Simple, easy to use & with an intuitive Android design, Clean File Manager & Archiver helps you manage files & folders of all sizes and formats efficiently and easily!

Use Clean File Manager to explore your storage and access any file, document, or folder on your local drive or microSD card. Users can manage cloud storage accounts (Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox) & listen to your favorite audio/music files!

Download File Manager for Android today!

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Best free Ebook reader for PC,laptop-EPub,pdf,mobi,txt,fb2

Best EPUB Reader for Ebooks.
The software name is Bookbazar reader
There is a numbers of free Ebook reader available in markets.There is a top 3 software among it:
(1)Bookbazar reader
(2)Foxitmobile pdf
(3)Microsoft reader
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eReader Prestigio Android App Demo – State of Tech

eReader Prestigio provides a user with direct access to more than 1,000,000 ebooks in 25 languages, with more than 5,000 free e-books on in-app eReader Prestigio Store.

Download eReader Prestigio on the Google Play Store

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