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Information About Pixel Pill Widget =
The Pixel Pill Widget app gives you the Google Pill widget in the same style as seen in Google’s Pixel Launcher.
This widget works with all launchers that support widgets, meaning you can use it on your everyday launcher.
Enable the weather feature to receive weather info for your location automatically directly from Google, also seen in the Pixel Launcher.
Customise the pill background, logo and text colours with transparency support to better match your home screen. With a transparent shade of a colour, make the pill see-through, making your wallpaper visible!

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LG G6 vs Google Pixel!

LG G6 unboxing & review coming! LG G6 vs Pixel / XL Comparison: Camera quality, specs, and hardware. Is the LG G6 better than the Google Pixel? Check out this comparison/review of the Google Pixel vs LG G6 to find out! ▶dbrand skins: http://mcmx.in/2l5ZhR6

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Google Pixel Photo Samples –

LG G6 Photo Samples –

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Personalizacion Google Pixel para todos los Android

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Nova Launcher Prime puede dar FC al activar el Clima, por lo cual dejo la version Lite, la unica diferencia es que no podras cambiar el tamaño de los iconos pero no dara error al activar el clima, de cualquier manera ire actualizando el link de la version Prime conforme se actualice.

Nova Launcher Prime 5.0 beta 8

Nova Launcher Lite 5.0 beta 8

Pixel Icon Pack

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Income Junction Offer = Adxmi Offer Wall Earn Point ( ChampCash)

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Google Pixel Review: One word, amazing

▶ Check out some dbrand skins to spruce up your Pixel and Pixel XL:

It’s finally here! The Nexus…I mean Google Pixel! It’s Google’s latest flagship. Is it the best camera on a smartphone yet? Is Android 7.1 delicious? How about that battery life? All these questions and more are answered within this review. Enjoy!
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